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Shanna Moakler Is Not Done Throwing Shade At Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian — This Time For Covering Up Her Name With A New Tattoo


It seems that Shanna Moakler is "watching, waiting, commiserating."

Shanna on the red carpet, she wears a simple black halter dress

What I mean by that is that the 46-year-old model not-so-subtly shaded her ex-husband Travis Barker's new tattoo, which covers her name with his fiancée Kourtney Kardashian's lips, as well as a giant scorpion.

"I never did mind about the little things," she wrote in an Instagram story featuring a still from the 1993 thriller film Point of No Return. Not only does the caption seemingly reference Blink-182's hit "All the Small Things," but the lip emoji looks to be a direct dig at the drummer's new ink.

Still from the movie featuring Anne Bancroft (L) and Bridget Fonda (R) with the captioning

And if you think I'm reaching, let's just say Shanna has not necessarily followed the adage of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." See if you can keep up with all the deets below:

Shanna wears a tiara and a short-sleeve black lace button down, you can see her "Travis" tattoo on her left wrist

In February — when Kourtney and Travis officially confirmed their relationship — Shanna liked a comment insinuating Kourtney was a "downgrade" and posted an Instagram story with the text, "Stop complaining about your life. There are people out there dating your ex." This was after she told paparazzi she's "happy for both of them" — before adding, "He can handle that Kardashian drama."

AND in April, Shanna said (once again, not-so-subtly), "Unlike some people, my relationship status isn't based on social media posting," which was probably a direct dig at Trav-ourtney's PDA.

But she told People in May that she feels no "ill will" toward Kourtney or her ex. In the same interview, however, she threw another jab at their PDA, calling it "weird" but maintaining that any light jesting is directed at Kourtney's fanbase to "annoy" them and was not done "to attack" the couple.

However, a week later, Shanna accused Travis of having an affair with Kim Kardashian in 2006 and alleged that he and Kourtney are deliberately "driving a wedge" between her and her children.

Screenshot of Shanna outside in a parking lot as she talks to paparazzi

Is your head already reeling from this mess? Yeah, me too. Let's continue: For their part, Landon and Alabama have claimed that Shanna is an "absent parent;" meanwhile, she denounced Kourtney for having "destroyed" her family.

Still with me? More recently, post–Travis and Kourtney's engagement 10 days ago, Shanna seemed to delete photos of her kids from her Instagram after both Landon and Alabama publicly celebrated the news.

NOW, back to the tattoo sitch. Back in April, Travis got a tattoo of Kourtney's name on his chest and allowed her to tattoo the inscription "I love you" on his arm.

For Shanna's part, she got her tattoo of Travis's name removed in May. So, uh, basically, in conclusion, I'm not really sure where this leaves us, but you can definitely count on this shade-throwing saga to continue well into Trav-ourtney's wedding festivities.

As for me, I have a headache now and desperately need to lie down.