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    Shailene Woodley (And I) Don't Think Sex Scenes Where Women Wear Bras Are Realistic

    “I always sit down and talk with the director, the other actor."

    If you know anything about me, you know Shailene Woodley is on my list of top-tier celebrities.

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    The way she ruled the 2010s (hello, The Spectacular Now was a masterpiece??) and that one iconic red carpet interview is proof enough.

    And in a recent cover story with the Hollywood Reporter, she shared how she always makes sure to tackle sensitive and intimate scenes by having frank conversations.

    "I’ve never felt uncomfortable doing intimate scenes because I’m very vocal,” Woodley said. "I always sit down and talk with the director, the other actor. We always have conversations of, ‘How are you planning on shooting it? Is nudity necessary? Is it going to distract from the scene, add to the scene?'"

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    I can't emphasize enough how crucial it is to make sure actors are comfortable in their surroundings and with each other!!! And these conversations make for better, more accurate portrayals of sex on screen!!!

    "We know exactly what the boundaries are," she continued. "And I’ve never been in a situation where those things haven’t been honored."

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    Given that she played a main character who has multiple intimate scenes alongside Sebastian Stan and Jamie Dornan in the 2020 movie Endings, Beginnings, this is beyond important.

    She also explained that she'd rather have sex scenes be realistic over modest: "Oftentimes in movies, you see two people having sex and the woman has her bra on, and in real life, I don’t think I ever did that, sex with a bra — or very, very rarely."

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    And she is right!

    What are your thoughts on how sex is depicted in movies and TV? What are some of the most unrealistic tropes?

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