Seth Rogen Just Debuted A Rolling Tray He Made, And The Internet Is Over The Moon

    Seth Rogen, if you read this, I'm free on Thursday and would love to have a pottery lesson (on Thursday, when I am free).

    Seth Rogen is trying to unite this broken world — one little clay pot at a time.

    Seth poses for photographs at a red carpet event

    OK, I don't actually know if that's his whole goal or whatever, but it sure does seem like it! I am not exaggerating when I say he and his wholesome newfound pottery-making skills keep me going!

    Seth rocks a suit at a red carpet event

    Like, genuinely, every single time this man takes to Twitter to say "I made these vases" — or some variation thereof — I am filled with a truly indescribable and incomparable sense of joy and elation.

    Twitter: @Sethrogen / Via Twitter: @Sethrogen

    The 39-year-old multi-hyphenate seems to outdo himself every time, and — as someone who has tried her hand at 3D art and failed spectacularly — it's clear he has a boatload of skill. Which is cool. And hot. And amazing. And hot.

    Which brings me to his latest creation: a custom-made rolling tray complete with different stations for making and smoking a joint! Seth captioned the (scorchingly hot) video with a simple, "I invented a rolling tray."

    Twitter: @Sethrogen / Via Twitter: @Sethrogen

    Don't mind me, just going deeper into my parasocial relationship with Seth and playing his last line in the video "Isn't that adorable?" on a loop in my head. It's whatever.

    And I'm not the only one who lost their minds about this video!

    this is not a joke anymore I wont him!!!

    Twitter: @nat_oganesyan / Via Twitter: @nat_oganesyan

    I would die for Seth's vases, tbh!

    Twitter: @tylerinacoma / Via Twitter: @tylerinacoma

    A terrible pun, I must say, but true nonetheless!

    @Sethrogen Holy shit. This is dope. (Both uses)

    Twitter: @joshgad / Via Twitter: @joshgad

    Must admit I did not expect Jane Lynch to be in the quote tweets.

    I’m a paraphernalia whore. Don’t smoke weed. But I have to have this.

    Twitter: @janemarielynch / Via Twitter: @janemarielynch

    People were thirsting.

    i need you.

    Twitter: @jaipaulfan / Via Twitter: @jaipaulfan

    Meanwhile, others were beyond impressed at his rolling speed.

    he pearled that joint in like .3 seconds wtf😭

    Twitter: @11brys11 / Via Twitter: @11brys11

    There were wholesome feelings.

    i wanna be his friend so bad

    Twitter: @etcherrera / Via Twitter: @etcherrera

    And there were dangerously horny feelings (relatable).

    i gotta fuck him

    Twitter: @chellRaiserr / Via Twitter: @chellRaiserr


    i don’t think this was meant to be hot and yet here i am, horny

    Twitter: @hashtagorgy / Via Twitter: @hashtagorgy

    In conclusion:

    One of the only men that deserves rights.

    Twitter: @radrikk / Via Twitter: @radrikk

    As you may know, the actor-comedian-writer-producer extraordinaire cofounded his Canadian-based cannabis company, Houseplant, in 2019. Earlier this year, it opened to US markets.

    In a May 2021 cover story with GQ, Seth said he and his wife, Lauren Miller, joined a studio more than two years ago and now boast several pottery wheels in their at-home garage space. And over the course of the pandemic, he found that pottery — and the ability to make custom ashtrays and paraphernalia — had a therapeutic effect on him.

    Well, there you have it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be spending the rest of my day(s) thinking about Seth and his little humanity-saving vases. (And also the embarrassing lengths to which I would go just to see him make one at his pottery wheel.)