Ryan Reynolds And Everyone Else On Planet Earth While Watching Stanley Tucci Make A Pasta Marinara: "Dear God"

    Counting down the days until Stanley and Ryan do a cooking video together.

    Listen...who doesn't love a man who can cook? Like, actually cook — as in, Stanley Tucci and "having a cooking show" type of ability to cook?

    The answer is: certainly not Ryan Reynolds.

    On Sunday, Stanley posted a clip of himself making a pasta dish, captioning the video, "11 p.m. marinara and left-over pasta. As promised."

    Stanley stirring pasta and marinara sauce on the stove

    And who other than Ryan was lurking in the comments? Along with hundreds of other adoring fans, Ryan chimed in, "Dear god, you are a SNACK."

    As you all know, the blessing that is Stanley's mini masterclass cooking videos on Instagram began with a tutorial on how to make a Negroni, or Italian cocktail.

    May this video of Stanley Tucci doing a cocktail masterclass be a blessing upon your twitter feed.

    Twitter: @Rachael_Conrad / Stanley Tucci / Instagram / Via Twitter: @Rachael_Conrad

    Stanley posted the video per a suggestion from his literary agent wife, Felicity Blunt.

    Naturally, it took the internet by storm when we had just rounded out a month in quarantine at the beginning of the pandemic. "Surprised isn't the word. I'm shocked and appalled," Tucci joked at the time about the viral moment. "I'm so flattered. We had no idea."

    Stanley pouring a cocktail

    "I mean, some of [the comments] were so funny," he told People. "Filthy, but funny. We laughed so hard, reading them out loud. And they were great, like very flattering too, like really flattering. There was a sex [reference] that made me laugh so hard. It was like, 'Jesus.' You look at yourself, and you go, 'Really?'"

    Stanley and his wife at a red carpet event

    Yes, Stanley, really. And Ryan seems to think so too!

    Of course, devoted fans of The Devil Wears Prada star will note that Stanley is a dedicated foodie, specifically when it comes to his Italian heritage. His six-part CNN series Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy explored the niche traditions of various Italian cities and locales, and it was recently renewed for a second season.

    View this video on YouTube

    CNN / Via youtube.com

    And his upcoming memoir, Taste: My Life Through Food, will soon join his previously published food-themed book, 2012's The Tucci Cookbook.

    Well, IDK about you, but now that Ryan has been vocal about being part of the STANdom, I'll be impatiently waiting for a video where Stanley attempts to teach perhaps the most disastrous cook in all of history.