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    If You've Always Wanted To See Pete Davidson In A Rom-Com, Now's Your Chance

    This is so personal to me.

    You know Pete Davidson, resident Twitter boyfriend who has that whole I-haven't-slept-in-10-years hot look going for him.

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    Listen...I know the question of "Is Pete Davidson hot?" is a divisive one, but I would like to give some credit where it is due!

    And, of course, you know Kaley Cuoco, star of the hit series The Flight Attendant, which she executive-produced and developed.

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    Just look at that dazzling smile!

    Now, imagine their mutual good looks and acting chops combined onscreen.

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    It's too much (in a good way).

    That's right! The two are currently in talks to star in Alex Lehmann's romantic comedy Meet Cute.

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    Once again, some may think this casting decision is a choice, and that is your prerogative! I, for one, think it is charming and am here for it. I mean, in both of their latest projects (The Flight Attendant for Cuoco and The King of Staten Island for Davidson), they portray hot messes, so I think this movie is onto something.

    The film, described as a "wildly inventive deconstruction" of the rom-com, will explore what would happen if one could travel back in time to a significant other's past, heal their trauma, and mold them into the perfect lover.

    Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco are in negotiations to star in the romantic comedy movie, 'Meet Cute' directed by Alex Lehmann. The movie is being billed as a "wildly inventive deconstruction of the romantic comedy."

    Pop Crave

    That sounds a little bit like deranged behavior to me...but also sign me up.

    According to Deadline, Davidson is set to play Gary, and Cuoco will portray Sheila.

    Linda Wheeler/Everett Collection, Steven Ferdman/Everett Collection

    The deal has not been closed yet, but Cuoco shared an Instagram post of the news.

    As we wait for updates on the deal, you can catch Kaley in the upcoming second season of The Flight Attendant, and Pete in The Suicide Squad come August.

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