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    Owen Wilson Revealed He Received A "Strike 1" Text After He Let It Slip That His "Loki" Character, Mobius, Had A Mustache, And I Want Someone To Check In On Tom Holland Stat

    BRB, imagining Kevin Feige on a burner phone typing "Strike 1" in a fit of rage.

    Who doesn't love Owen Wilson?

    In a new cover story with Esquire, the beloved actor opened up about working with Marvel through his role on the Disney+ series Loki.

    Well, he just gave us the inside scoop on what it was like dealing with the stringent protocols that come with working on a Marvel project.

    Mobius sitting at a desk in a scene from Loki

    "I let it slip that I'm wearing a mustache [as] Agent Mobius, I got an ominous text saying ‘Strike 1,'" Owen said. "I don’t know who that was from — we think it might have been Kevin Feige using a burner phone, but that was never confirmed."

    He also debunked ideas about the level of information he had going into the project: "[Journalists] asked me a lot about — ‘it sounds like you had to be convinced to do this,’ I don’t know where they’re getting that. That isn’t true. The director just called me and told me the idea, and I wanted to work on it. But somehow what seems to be in their press notes, maybe, is that I know zero about the MCU."

    Owen and Tom Hiddleston working on a scene

    Buuuuuut, he admitted that he isn't the biggest MCU stan either. "Actually, yeah, I probably don’t know that much about it," he explained. "I kind of know about Iron Man. I’ve seen Aquaman. He’s swimming in jeans. No one can swim in jeans! That was my argument with the kids about Aquaman."

    Mobius and Loki sitting across from each other

    As for whether we'll see Mobius again in the future, now that Loki has been renewed for Season 2? Last time we saw Mobius (SPOILER ALERT), he was in an alternate timeline and completely unaware of the events of previous episodes.

    "I couldn't even speculate," Owen explained. "Although, now that we've sort of put that on the table — the whole time element — I guess Agent Mobius could show up anywhere, even outside the MCU. We might see him if they do a reboot on Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Or Back to the Future. You might see Agent Mobius there. Like if they rent him out, maybe."

    Owen posing at an even in a suit and fedora

    And now...we wait impatiently for Loki Season 2.