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    Michael B. Jordan Said He Wants Denzel Washington To Join The MCU

    The power that would be the one and only Mr. Denzel Washington in the MCU...

    Michael B. Jordan — like us all — is a major Denzel Washington stan.

    The actors recently collaborated on the Michael-starring romantic drama A Journal for Jordan, directed by Denzel.

    Michael and Denzel smiling at the premiere of A Journal for Jordan

    In a recent fan questions interview with IMDb, the Black Panther star dished all about his plans for Denzel to join the Marvel family.

    Michael walking past fans

    "Yes, no hesitation," he said. "I actually got some things in mind, but yeah." In response, The Tragedy of Macbeth star joked "You better hurry!"

    Michael rocking a suit as he poses on the red carpet at the 2020 NAACP Image Awards

    Michael also recalled the first time he crossed paths with Denzel, who he affectionately nicknamed "OG," as in "original gangster" (which the Fences star affirms is "out of respect").

    "I remember the first time I met him — he wouldn't remember. I was so young and it was so long ago. It was in New York, I was a kid, I was 15. We were at some event and I remember shaking his hand and thinking, 'Oh, man, this is Denzel Washington's hand I'm shaking. It's soft, man, this shit is soft. He takes care of his hands.'"

    Denzel in a tux smiling onstage

    BTW, in case you were wondering, the secret is *drum roll please* gloves!

    Anywho, don't mind me counting down the days 'til we see Denzel on the MCU big screen.