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    I'm Obsessed With Kit Harington Being The Only Celeb To Agree To Cover "Drops Of Jupiter" For A "Tonight Show" Bit

    The actor, who does not sing or play the piano, covered the song for The Tonight Show's 1,500th episode.

    Kit Harington is a man of many talents.

    Kit in a black suit, no tie

    You know him as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Or maybe you saw his recent episode on Season 2 of Amazon's Modern Love.

    But what I bet you didn't know is that he can sing — well, as much as someone who doesn't sing can sing.

    Kit sitting at a piano singing with eyes closed, with candles on the piano

    Let me backtrack a bit. So, on Friday, Kit appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And oh man, were we in for an absolute treat.

    Kit smiling and sitting with his legs crossed and arms clasped

    In a dramatic and hilarious intro speech, Jimmy revealed a dark backstory to the talk show's 1,500th episode. He said that for years, the show had been pitching an idea for a bit called "Straight Up Goes for It" — the only premise of which was a celebrity covering the song "Drops of Jupiter" by the rock band Train. Like, that's literally it.

    Kit talking to Jimmy Fallon

    But, dear readers, that all changed with one brave nonsinger: "We finally have someone with the guts to do it," Jimmy announced, laughing. "He doesn't play the piano, by the way, and he doesn't even really know how to sing, but he's doing it because he's cool, he's funny, and he gets it."

    Jimmy Fallon at a microphone

    Kit, naturally, lives up to the sketch's title and does, indeed, "straight up" go for it. Complete with fake piano playing, the actor belts out the ballad like it's second nature. And combined with the mood lighting, roses, and candlelight — it's honestly angelic.

    Kit at the keyboard, with candles on the piano

    Speaking to Jimmy after his performance, he admitted that he "had a lot of thoughts" about the pitch, "like, a lot." He continued, "The sensible part of my brain — the bit that said, 'You're not a singer, you have no connection to this song, it's of no relevance to anything you're talking about on the show' — said, 'Don't do it.' But there was another little part of my brain, the bit that gets me in trouble, that was like, 'But what if you're brilliant?'"

    Kit talks to Jimmy Fallon on his talk show

    But don't take my word for it — watch Kit in all of his singing glory below!

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