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    Kim Kardashian Looks Like A "Different Human" With Blonde Eyebrows

    The alien emoji she captioned the photo with is...very accurate.

    Kim Kardashian did a thing. No, not a cultural appropriation thing (thank God), but she dyed her eyebrows blonde.

    And even though Kim is no stranger to bold stylistic choices and has previously dyed her hair blonde, some fans (and non-fans) are side-eyeing this new look.

    It is definitely a choice!

    Kim Kardashian / Via

    Her eyebrows are among one of her staples! And now they are essentially gone! 

    And, my God, do people have jokes.

    her jeffree star era 😍

    Twitter: @allegedly_adam / Via Twitter: @allegedly_adam

    Some people don't think she looks like herself. Others are comparing her to Mary J. Blige and even Wendy Williams. The 40-year-old has been accused of blackfishing in the past.

    I simply have no words.

    I thought this was Ru Paul

    Twitter: @sirfrederiq / Via Twitter: @sirfrederiq

    But some want people to leave Kim alone.

    Why y’all eating her up all she did was bleach her eyebrows..

    Twitter: @fentyriah / Via Twitter: @fentyriah

    Which is also fair, because she has been accused of doing much worse.

    And, to her credit, Lizzo is also joining in on the blonde eyebrow look!

    Though, as an Armenian woman, I just would like Kim to get back in touch with her roots (aka thick bushy brows)!

    Kim Kardashian / Via Twitter: @KimKardashian

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