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    Julian Morris, From "New Girl" And "PLL," Just Came Out On Instagram And Celebrated His 18th Anniversary With His Boyfriend, Landon Ross

    Eighteen years! The better part of two whole decades!!!

    Julian Morris, who you might know from Pretty Little Liars and guest appearances on shows like New Girl, just came out with a heartfelt post celebrating 18 years with his artist boyfriend Landon Ross!

    Julian rocks a fitted suit at a red carpet event
    Leon Bennett / Getty Images

    Let me just emphasize — 18 years! That's literally the majority of my life and an incredible, beautiful, lovely feat that deserves to be celebrated!!!

    The 38-year-old actor expressed his love for Landon in an Instagram carousel posted on Thursday, writing, "18 years together, and they were the best ones because they were with you. I love you @landonross ❤️."

    The series of photos is simply too adorable to put into words, so I will absolutely be including their screenshots below in case you're too lazy to scroll.

    The couple laying next to a bed of flowers
    Julian Morris / Instagram

    (Julian also included a cute video of him dancing — more so undulating, really — with a cup of tea? coffee? in his hands as Landon simply takes it all in.)

    Hundreds of supportive messages flooded the comments section, with Julian's PLL costar, Keegan Allen (who played Toby) writing, "This post made my heart explode 🥰," which — same.

    Julian Morris / Instagram

    Fellow British actor Finn Jones — known for Iron Fist and Game of Thrones — commented, "Love you both! congrats!" alongside a purple heart emoji.

    Just...I have no words!

    Julian Morris / Instagram

    For his part, Landon shared more photos of the two on his Instagram, including a snapshot of the two as youngins. He wrote, "Beginning our 19th year is the best thing in life. I love you."


    Landon Ross / Instagram

    Also, love a red eye camera moment.

    Landon also shared a couple of videos of Julian, one of which was of the actor ice skating (cute and normal) and the other of him drinking pool water (still cute, if not as normal).

    The couple feeding each other Nutella
    Landon Ross / Instagram

    And here's the rest of Landon's series of photos because it would truly be a disservice to this post to not include them all in succession.

    Landon Ross / Instagram

    Just Landon and Julian being adorable, part 340,582.

    Landon and Julian eating out of a bowl
    Landon Ross / Instagram

    My queer heart is overjoyed. Soaring. Truly flying. 

    And finally, this pic, which should honestly be framed in their home if it isn't already.

    Landon Ross / Instagram