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Jennifer Aniston Said Her "Gut Instinct" Told Her She Was Being Made Fun Of In Vanessa Bayer's "SNL" Impression Of Her

"My first response was, 'What? No, I'm not impression [-worthy].'"

She's beauty, she's grace — she's Jennifer Aniston.

The acclaimed actor and producer opened up about how she first felt when she saw Vanessa Bayer's impression of her on Saturday Night Live.

In a new cover profile for InStyle, Jennifer revealed that her first reaction to the impression was that she's "not impression [-worthy]."

She continued, "They played it for me and [gasps], 'That is so not the way I sound.' Then I was like, 'Uh, oh. Oh, I see.'"

Jennifer in a simple satin gown at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

"Everyone said it was a compliment, but I had to really get my brain around that and tuck my little tail between my legs, thinking I'm being made fun of," Jennifer shared. "That's always the gut instinct: 'They're making fun of me.'"

Vanessa did the impression back in 2015 while on Jimmy Kimmel Live! She channeled Jennifer's character Rachel on Friends, and reenacted how the core group typically interacted with newcomers.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via youtube.com

But all's well that ends well! Jennifer eventually made peace with it and later even joined Vanessa on an episode of SNL in 2016.

For the full SNL impression, click here.