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Iggy Azalea Has Responded To Accusations Of Blackfishing: "I'm The Same Color As I Always Am"


Iggy Azalea found herself in hot water recently, following accusations of Blackfishing and Blackface in her latest music video for "I Am the Stripclub."

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And it's not the first time the rapper has been called out for appropriating Black culture.

But Iggy did not back down. "I don't care... fuck those ppl babe lol," she tweeted in response to a fan asking her to address the backlash.

Iggy surrounded by dancers in her music video

"I’m the same color as I always am, just in a dimly lit room with red lights," she continued. "It’s the same makeup from every other part of the video just with a smokey eye and different wig. Just ignore them, who cares? Let em talk."

In response to a fan tweeting the supposed pre-edited stills of the music video, Iggy reiterated that "it's darkly lit because it’s supposed to look like a nightclub," and said that people online are "crazy."

Iggy's makeup artist, Eros, also backed the rapper up, tweeting, "She literally wore the same face makeup during every scene of the video... I would know, I did it. And it's a shade 6 from Armani Luminous Silk (a light/medium olive undertoned shade if you're curious)."


Twitter: @IGGYAZALEA / @AzaleaAccess / Via Twitter: @IGGYAZALEA

Some fans agreed with the rapper's reasoning.

@erosmua Everyone in the shot is cast in shadow and Iggy herself is visibly much lighter than everyone there. And she has black hair. I don't know what people expect?

Avalon.Red / Twitter: @erosmua / @demisaysstuff / Via Twitter: @demisaysstuff

The rapper commented in response, "Exactly. I’m the same color as the other white dancer in the room and not anywhere close to the color of the Black dancers. People will say anything to try and cancel me and it’s actually kinda funny to watch people so worked up over a black wig and smokey eye."

Others, however, thought the rapper should listen to criticism from the Black community.

@IGGYAZALEA @KittenMinaj ….maybe just maybe. Hear out the black community for a second….

Twitter: @syianmariee / Via Twitter: @syianemariee

Welp...whatever you say, Ms. Iggy Iggz.