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    Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Ashley Tisdale, And More Went To A Mommy And Me Class Together Like The True Gal Pals They Are

    I'm not one for baby fever, however...

    Halt! Reader, I have important, world-changing breaking news: Hilary Duff hosted the most adorable Mommy and Me class for all her celeb mom friends over the weekend.

    Hilary Duff in a trench coat and her hands in pockets
    James Devaney / GC Images

    Those in attendance were none other than fellow childhood fave Ashley Tisdale, Mandy Moore, Meghan Trainor, food blogger Gaby Dalkin, and makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan.

    A screenshot of "All da babies" with each mom participant's IG handle
    Hilary Duff / Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

    And, of course, their babies! The music-themed class hosted Hilary's 3-month-old daughter, Mae; Ashley's 3-month-old daughter, Jupiter; Mandy's 5-month-old son, August; Meghan's 5-month-old son, Riley; and Gaby and Kelsey's 6-month-old and 4-month-old daughters — both named Poppy.

    See all the cute photos below:

    Juju has that strong side eye
    Hilary Duff / Via Instagram: @hilaryduff
    Music class
    Ashley Tisdale / Via Instagram: @ashleytisdale
    Cutest class
    Ashley Tisdale / Via Instagram: @ashleytisdale
    Ashley holding her sleeping baby with the caption "Wiped out"
    Ashley Tisdale / Via Instagram: @ashleytisdale
    Music class: Poppy with the good drool
    Kelsey Deenihan / Via Instagram: @kdeenihan
    Thank you for our first music class
    Meghan Trainor / Via Instagram: @meghan_trainor

    You’re welcome for filling your day with a dose of wholesome, unadulterated cuteness. Toodles!

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