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    Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Ashley Tisdale, And More Went To A Mommy And Me Class Together Like The True Gal Pals They Are

    I'm not one for baby fever, however...

    Halt! Reader, I have important, world-changing breaking news: Hilary Duff hosted the most adorable Mommy and Me class for all her celeb mom friends over the weekend.

    Hilary Duff in a trench coat and her hands in pockets

    Those in attendance were none other than fellow childhood fave Ashley Tisdale, Mandy Moore, Meghan Trainor, food blogger Gaby Dalkin, and makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan.

    A screenshot of "All da babies" with each mom participant's IG handle

    See all the cute photos below:

    Juju has that strong side eye
    Music class
    Cutest class
    Ashley holding her sleeping baby with the caption "Wiped out"
    Music class: Poppy with the good drool
    Thank you for our first music class

    You’re welcome for filling your day with a dose of wholesome, unadulterated cuteness. Toodles!