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    Not To Exaggerate, But Halsey's Thoughts On Motherhood Are Truly Making Me Tear Up

    "Getting to watch him, like, become a new person every day is so exciting."

    I'm NGL, Halsey's heartwarming thoughts on new motherhood are really getting to me this Monday afternoon.

    Halsey poses at a red carpet event in a strapless outfit

    The 27-year-old singer shares a 5-month-old boy, Ender Aydin, with their screenwriter boyfriend Alev Aydin, and they've previously opened up about being a working mom and dealing with postpartum body expectations.

    In a new interview with Extra, Halsey shared how much they cherish their new role. "I love it so much. Every single second is the most incredible thing, getting to watch him, like, become a new person every day is so exciting."

    But they also got candid about the difficulty of work-life balance, saying, "It’s definitely difficult to find balance. I think that’s a common thing working moms share no matter what your job is. I want to work really hard so he’s proud of me, but I also want to spend every single second cuddling him."

    Halsey performing onstage

    Back in September, Halsey opted out of attending the Met Gala because the event's nine-hour-long runtime wouldn't have allowed enough time to breastfeed.

    Halsey rocking long hair she takes a picture while being surrounded by several people

    Opening up about their new role in Sing 2, Halsey said they're glad to be involved in a project they can share with their son. "It was the most serendipitous thing because I agreed to do the film right before I found out I was pregnant…Here’s this thing that has come into my life and I can share with my son now because the rest of my content is probably too mature for him."

    Adorable! And I hope these two have the best time watching Sing 2 on repeat.