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    People Are Pointing Out How "The Golden Girls" Are The Same Age As The "And Just Like That..." Characters, And Wow, Hollywood Has No Idea What Older Women Look Like

    BRB, imagining a crossover episode in an alternate timeline.

    To all the people that are streaming The Golden Girls in the late Betty White's honor, there's a tidbit you may not know about the beloved mid-'80s sitcom.

    The Golden girls sitting around their kitchen table during a scene

    Like the fact that all of them — with the exception of Estelle Getty's Sophia — are in their 50s?!

    A promo photo of the Golden Girls


    While the series was inconsistent with their ages throughout its run, it's established that Blanche is the youngest at around 50, with both Rose and Dorothy being somewhere in their 50s at the start of Season 1. Only Sophia is 79.

    At that time, Betty and Bea Arthur were 63, and Estelle was actually a year younger than her onscreen daughter, Bea. Only Rue McClanahan, who was 51, was close to her depicted age.

    Which brings me to...the characters of And Just Like That..., the already infamous Sex and the City revival. According to the show, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is 55, while her besties Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) are 54.

    Charlotte, Carrie, and Miranda all wearing dresses as they stand on an NYC sidewalk

    Although fan-favorite Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is not in the reboot, she would likely be in her early 60s, given that 2008's Sex and the City celebrated her 50th (IRL, Kim is 65). So...what I'm hearing is that she's the series' Sophia?

    It's not the first time women's ages in Hollywood have been completely fuddled — Carla Gugino played a mom on Spy Kids at 28, while Jennifer Lawrence portrayed a mid- to late- 30s widower in Silver Linings Playbook at 22.

    But truly...I'm trying to reconcile this difference. Can you imagine Carrie being a grandma? Or Sophia pulling a Che Diaz and lighting up in an elevator?

    Much to think about...