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    Florence Pugh's Pout Will Live On In Cinema For Decades To Come

    Cinema history in the making, baby.

    We all know and love Florence Pugh: indie horror darling, Academy Award–nominated queen, and — what this post is about — unmatched deliverer of adorable, yet sad and nuanced, pouts.

    Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

    As a perpetual frowner in my childhood, I feel personally connected to Florence's pout, which has graced screens from Ari Aster's chilling Midsommar to the recent Marvel powerhouse Black Widow.

    shoutout to ☹️, gotta be one of my favorite genres

    Columbia Pictures / A24 / Marvel / Twitter: @vhsangel / Via Twitter: @vhsangel

    Let's break down each of these images to really get at the slight variations in each pout.

    Little Women pout, via Amy March

    Columbia Pictures

    This pout is giving "genuinely hurt" vibes. Of course, this makes sense, given that it comes right after Laurie (a brilliant Timothée Chalamet) tells her not to marry her betrothed Fred. "You're being mean...I have been second to Jo my whole life in everything, and I will not be the person you settle for just because you cannot have her. I won't do it, not when I've spent my entire life loving you," Amy says.

    Midsommar pout, courtesy of Dani


    I'm sure we are all familiar with the absolutely chaotic plot of Midsommar, which sees our vulnerable and traumatized heroine succumb to a controlling, white supremacist cult. If I stare too long at this pout, I'll actually start sobbing, simply because Florence's expression captures how exhausted, beaten down, and hopeless Dani feels near the end of the film.

    Black Widow pout, via the iconic Yelena Belova

    Walt Disney Pictures / Marvel Studios / Disney+

    (Spoiler alert for this one!) This pout is particularly heartbreaking, as it comes after Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) let's her younger sister know that the time their family spent together in Ohio was real for her too.

    Watch the full pout unfold here.

    #BlackWidow SPOILERS yelena’s reaction after nat told her it was real for her too 🥺

    Marvel / Twitter: @spacegaydanvers / Via Twitter: @spacegaydanvers

    The seamless transition from pout to smirk to forehead touch...DON'T TALK TO ME, I'M BUSY CRYING.

    And, of course, I'm not the only devoted stan of the Florence Pugh Pout Cinematic Universe.

    the florence pugh's pout cinematic universe

    Columbia Pictures / A24 / Marvel / Twitter: @lordeonfilm / Via Twitter: @lordeonfilm

    petition to let Florence Pugh pout her way through every movie ever for the rest of time

    Twitter: @rach__celeste / Via Twitter: @rach__celeste

    when florence pugh does the pugh pout ☹️ you know acting is about to be served

    Twitter: @hellochaerins / Via Twitter: @hellochaerins

    What makes her pout even more special is the fact that she's been doing it since day 1.

    Twitter: @bestofpugh / Via Twitter: @bestofpugh

    Yet another similarity between us...Florence, please be my bestie.

    In conclusion:

    I can’t get Florence Pugh’s pout off my mind

    Twitter: @kgracelawler / Via Twitter: @kgracelawler

    And I don't want to!

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