27 Reactions To "Elite" Season 4 That Are, Well, Elite

    I love this season of Elite because I love mess.

    Spoiler alert: Do not read if you haven't seen Elite Season 4!

    Elite Season 4 is here, which means your favorite horny, murder-prone teens are back at Las Encinas to stir up a whole lotta mess.

    This season, the writers have outdone themselves with even more sex, mystery, murder, class commentary, and more. We've rounded up the best reactions to arguably the wildest season yet.

    ✨hoy toca fiesta ✨ it’s party time ✨ #Elite4 ya disponible.

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    (I know there are detractors to this, and, no, I shan't engage with them!)

    1. This keen observation about Twitter discourse.

    Twitter: @screamiirene

    2. Mencia hive RISE!!!!

    her back must hurt from carrying elite season 4

    Twitter: @lebsianss

    3. I just love women.

    Twitter: @lebsianss

    4. I repeat, WOMEN.

    oh yeah the plot of elite season 4 is great!!! haha so good

    Twitter: @addybth

    5. I think WE ALL watched Elite Season 4 in 5 hours.

    watched all of elite season 4 in 5 hours

    Twitter: @twinkerb3ll

    6. Elite never fails to raise our heartrates.

    watching elite season 4 and im literally pausing every two seconds to scream

    Twitter: @sdkiew

    7. This very real back-and-forth.

    My two moods while watching #Elite season 4:

    Twitter: @JoxGonzales

    8. No, because the writers were wild for this (and we were here for it).

    im watching #Elite season 4 for the plot the plot:

    Twitter: @wxstcoast_

    9. Once again, absolute unhinged behavior on part of the writers.

    me while watching Elite Season 4 Ep.2

    Twitter: @shnjyncns

    10. These horrible, impulsive teens are addicting to watch!

    Me after watching the first scene of season 4 of Elite:

    Twitter: @alondraa_55

    11. Just a Manu Rios thirst tweet.

    Twitter: @SettCandy

    12. I don't know about y'all, but I'm cackling at this.

    demi lovato is in season 4 of elite we won!!!

    Twitter: @cartidelreys

    13. Just an appreciation tweet that is absolutely true!

    #Elite Season 4 is so damn good and gayer than the past three seasons combined! The Omar/Ander/Patrick storyline is hot and wild and you're going to be obsessed with Manu Rios by Episode 2.

    Twitter: @JarettSays

    14. Exactly.

    elite season 4 really said happy pride month

    Twitter: @HSpinknails

    15. Mencia, definitely Mencia.

    Trying to figure out which Elite season 4 character I'm gonna base my personality off of for the next 2 months....

    Twitter: @BiSpiritedSaint

    This is Elite's world baby, we're just living in it.

    16. Just like the writers, the music coordinators gave it their all.

    This music selection for season 4 of elite tho kinda slaps

    Twitter: @Soumonus

    17. Whoops!

    #elite season 4 spoilers ... ari and mencia: I sure hope armando doesn't show up to bother us again guzman, samu and rebe:

    Twitter: @sinkinnie

    18. BRB, crying at this crossover.

    Season 4, episode 5 of #Elite out of context:

    Twitter: @UnaEscoriaMas

    19. A very deserved Ambar Lucid appreciation tweet for her angelic cameo.

    Could we take a second to admire Ambar Lucid singing in Elite @ambarlucid #Elite4 ✨

    Twitter: @bryannvegaa

    20. This scathing analysis of Elite's plot points.

    Tumblr: @dayslostson

    21. We love Azucena.

    Tumblr: @moonjong-starboy

    22. This is an anti-Benjamin account (and rightfully so).

    Tumblr: @hufflepuffer-18

    23. And also an anti-Philippe one.

    Tumblr: @dayslostson

    24. No, because, I would like to have a conversation about this.

    Tumblr: @qafiranaa

    25. This reaction to the end of two ship eras.

    guzman and samu calling nadia and carla the love of their life then catching feelings for ari like 3 seconds later #Elite4 #Elite

    Twitter: @aronpiepr

    26. Fine, I'll cry.

    Tumblr: @hufflepuffer-18

    27. And, finally, this simple post that encapsulates why we keep coming back for more.

    Tumblr: @luci-hemwin-evanson

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