Dylan O'Brien Had The Most Wholesome Response To Being One Of The Original Internet Boyfriends

    The Dylan O'Brien renaissance never left!

    Dylan O'Brien. That's it. That's the intro for this post.

    Dylan giving the peace sign as his photo is taken at an event

    No, but seriously, if you've been on the internet for some time, you already know about this man's near-cult status of online boyfriendom.

    It all really started with his Teen Wolf days, where he captured hearts far and wide for his portrayal of the socially awkward yet incredibly endearing Stiles Stilinski.

    Then it grew to include his lauded Twitter presence. Like, he gets on the platform every three months or so to be a fellow stan, drag people (including celebs and/or public figures who deserve it), and tell us to behave when we thirst over him a lil' bit too much.

    dylan o'brien is the white boy of the month

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    "BEHAVE"?! Naturally, people did the opposite.

    The renaissance (that never left, might I add) was upon us in full force recently when we were hit with a double jackpot: his starring role in All Too Well, and this TikTok while in character for his upcoming film Not Okay that has sincerely not left my mind since I first saw it many, many months ago.

    i’ll never get over dylan o’brien with blond hair

    Twitter: @obrienfiles / Via Twitter: @obrienfiles

    There's entire articles about his specific brand of allure.

    And so many thirsty tweets.

    dylan o‘brien has never been 'white boy of the month' he was always meant to be 'white boy of the decade'

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    Now that that's established, the 30-year-old was recently asked how he feels about all the hype in a new Bustle profile, and his response was about as sweet as you'd expect.

    Dylan smiling for a picture as he holds a drink at an event

    "It’s so funny, my palms are sweating. It’s overwhelming [and] it’s wonderful," he said, with the outlet noting that he was "tearing up."

    He continued, "It’s just gnarly to think about little me having this really special thing happen."

    Ugh, we love a humble, down-to-earth king!

    You can read his full profile on Bustle here.