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14 "Dune" Cast Members In Their Very First Role Vs. In The Movie

Bet you didn't know that Timothée Chalamet's first role was a horror short film when he was just 13!

Denis Villeneuve's Dune is officially coming to our screens in both theaters and on HBO Max Oct. 22 — and thank heavens, because it's been delayed for about a year.

1. Timothée Chalamet then.

A young Timothée hides behind a tree, while his on-screen sister has her back toward the camera in the background

Timothée now, as Paul Atreides.

Timothée as Paul in "Dune," he holds a sword over his forehead perpendicular to his body

2. Zendaya then.

Still of the major cast members of "Shake It Up" on the dance floor set, L-R Kenton Duty, Roshon Fegan, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Davis Cleveland, Adam Irigoyen

Zendaya now, as Chani Kynes.

Still of Zendaya as Chani, she wears blue contacts and a black breathing apparatus called a stillsuit

3. Rebecca Ferguson then.

Still of Rebecca and actor Kim Sulocki on a motorcycle from "Nya Tider"

Rebecca now, as Lady Jessica.

Still of Rebecca in "Dune," she wears a mesh blue headpiece and dress, cut off in the frame is Oscar Isaac to her left, who she is looking at, and Timothée

4. Oscar Isaac then.

Still from "Illtown" with Oscar in the background shirtless and in jorts, Michael and Tony are on the left and right of him in the foreground, respectively

Oscar now, as Duke Leto.

Still of Oscar in "Dune," he wears a serious expression on his face and blurred in the background is Josh Brolin

5. Jason Momoa then.

Jason now, as Duncan Idaho.

A still of Jason in "Dune," he looks at Timothée whose back is facing the camera

6. Stellan Skarsgård then.

Photo of Stellan in "Bombi Bitt och jag," he wears a fedora-like cap, flannel button-down and multicolored vest

Stellan now, as The Baron.

Promotional poster for "Dune" featuring the writing "Stellan Skarsgård is The Baron," "Dune," and "It begins" in all capital letters, the poster also includes the release date Oct. 22 with the words "in theaters" and "HBO Max" in all caps

7. Josh Brolin then.

Still from "The Goonies," L-R Ke Huy Quan, Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen

Josh now, as Gurney Halleck.

Josh in a still from "Dune," he sports a full goatee and black general uniform

8. Javier Bardem then.

Still of Javier in "Segunda Enseñanza," he has shoulder-length hair

Javier now, as Stilgar.

Javier in a still from "Dune," he wears a head-wrap, has blue contacts, and wears a rubber-like armor with a matching mask hanging below his neck

9. Sharon Duncan-Brewster then.

A still of Sharon in "2Point4 Children," she's next to a blonde actress and faces Belinda Porter, whose back is to the camera, they're in a bakery

Sharon now, as Liet Kynes.

Sharon as Liet Kynes in "Dune," she wears blue contacts and several layered gold chokers and a black dress similar to a witch's attire

10. Dave Bautista then.

Close-up shot of Dave in "Smallville," he wears orange contacts and a ripped canvas shirt, he stands in front of a construction zone that's blurred in the background

Dave now, as Beast Rabban.

Dave has a bald look and wears an armored outfit in a still from "Dune"

11. David Dastmalchian then.

David in a police uniform looks off-camera in "The Dark Knight"

David now, as Piter De Vries.

David sports a bald look and all-black leather ensemble in a "Dune" still

12. Stephen McKinley Henderson then.

Stephen stands next to his on-screen wife in "Marie: A True Story," in the background are two cops and seen slightly out-of-frame to the left is the back of Sissy's head

Stephen now, as Thufir Hawat.

Stephen wears an olive-green military uniform and looks off-camera in a "Dune" still, in the background are hundreds of more soldiers

13. Chang Chen then.

Chang stands next to Lisa Yang in a field in a still from "A Brighter Summer Day"

Chang now, as Dr. Yueh.

Chang sports a goatee and brown ensemble in this "Dune" still, he also has a black diamond tattoo on his forehead

14. Charlotte Rampling then.

A black-and-white photo of Charlotte in "Rotten to the Core," she looks off-camera and has shoulder-length hair

Charlotte now, as Reverend Mother Mohiam.

Charlotte in "Dune," she wears a black beaded fishnet veil over her face

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