The Celebrity Interviews I Can't Stop Thinking About That Give Off Interesting, Unplaceable Vibes

    "Me and who?" I say as I play the clip of Jesse Eisenberg's interview with Romina Puga.

    Listen...celebrities are weird. They're just like us (or worse, depending on who it is and who you ask). They're awkward and funny simply because they are of the human condition.

    So sit back, relax, and enjoy this compilation of the weirdest (most interesting? intriguing?) celebrity interviews.

    1. When Jesse Eisenberg low-key flirted during his interview with Romina Puga.

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    Romina Puga / Say My Name / YouTube

    I had to kick this list off with a bang! Personally, this is one of my favorite things in existence ever, and I have to rewatch it at least once a month. While the interview received some backlash, which branded Jesse as "obnoxious," I can definitely see a flirtatious tone here with the back-and-forth banter.

    In the 2013 interview promoting Now You See Me, you can see Jesse joking about how Romina is "on his time" and performing a magic trick, which, I think, is the tried-and-true most uncool way you can flirt.


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    2. The interview where Aubrey Plaza almost laser-beamed Michael Cera with her eyes.

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    Sun TV / YouTube

    In this red carpet interview for the cult classic Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, you can watch Michael try to grab Aubrey's mic away from her, and what happens next is so chaotic I barely have the words to describe it. I will be rewatching the clip endlessly until I figure out if Aubrey is genuinely peeved or remarkably deadpan.

    The interviewer remarks that, "There is so much sexual tension happening here," to which Aubrey replies, "I don't know what you're talking about."

    3. When Selena Gomez debuted her blue hair at the Teen Vogue Party.

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    Teen Vogue / YouTube

    This moment at the 2007 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party will live on in infamy — so notorious that Selena herself poked fun at it recently on TikTok.

    There's something about her delivery — the way she bobs her head back and forth and her very clear enunciation of the word "vogue." It's almost...dare I say, camp?

    4. That time when Heath Ledger kissed Australian actor Magda Szubanski after she shrieked at his mere presence, and she passed out.

    I have hereby declared that this interview (instance?) has a wild aura simply because of the fact that Magda feigned passing out. The pair went viral at the 2006 AFI Awards when Magda acted as her character Sharon from her sitcom _Kath & Kim _was meeting Heath for the first time. While she planned the shriek, what she did not expect was Heath grabbing her face and kissing her. Clearly, Heath's power was mesmerizing and hypnotic, and he is dearly missed.

    5. When Emma Stone was tricked by Graham Norton into thinking he had arranged for her to meet the Spice Girls.

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    The Graham Norton Show / Via

    In this interview, host Graham Norton exercised a threatening amount of power over Emma as he exploits her love for the Spice Girls. Wielding this power, he then proceeds to crush her dreams.

    I mean, this is clearly the face of someone who has been cheated.

    6. When Dakota Johnson said, "Actually, no, that's not the truth Ellen — you were invited."

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    The Ellen Show / Via

    My list would absolutely not be complete without this gem, which features Dakota Johnson calling Ellen DeGeneres out for lying, and has made countless rounds on Twitter (for good reason — it's hilarious).

    Please, just watch this over-edited clip of the incident, which actually makes the moment play out like a horror movie.

    how was the party i wasn't invited actually no that's not the truth ellen you were invited ask everybody dakota johnson ellen degeneres video meme

    Twitter: @7marcelluz / Via Twitter: @7marcelluz

    It was the beginning of the end for Ellen.

    7. The moment when Shailene Woodley told her interviewer, "Well you should probably eat."

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    MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet / Zachary Morritt

    The transcript of the most well-known portion of this interview with Jamie Lee from The Pete Holmes Show is as follows: "Are you hungry right now?" "Not at all." "Really?! I'm so hungry." "Well you should probably eat."

    Shailene was simply iconic for this (I don't make the rules).

    are you hungry right now not at all really i’m so hungry well you should probably eat shailene woodley interview mtv movie awards

    Twitter: @bllreactions / Via Twitter: @bllreactions

    Her straight-faced, no-nonsense delivery is unmatched, and I actually think her response provides a succinct commentary (in a post-modernist, nihilistic main character syndrome, Nietzschean, anti-consumerist, looking for Alaska, Ludditean, Kafkaesque, pro-Doc Marten wearer, anti-modernist way) for this time in Hollywood (circa 2014), when the quirky pizza-eating feminism culture was at its prime. Yes, I am referencing Jennifer Lawrence.

    8. When Kanye West demanded answers about what Lady Gaga knows about cameras.

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    BBC Radio 1 / YouTube/ltbutler6 / Via

    In this short clip from a BBC Radio 1 interview, Kanye is talking about consumerism and marketing products, when he randomly says, "'Cause look at Gaga — she's the creative director of Polaroid. I like some of the Gaga songs...what the FUCK does she know about cameras?"

    Let's unpack this.

    9. When Prince Harry ran out of an interview.

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    YouTube / On Demand News

    In this 2013 interview in Afghanistan, Prince Harry is seen talking to someone offscreen, after which he is prompted to bolt out of his interview toward a helicopter. Granted, there was an apparent emergency, but it's still a hilarious, unexpected moment. To see the run happen, start the video at the 35-second mark.

    When the clip resurfaced during quarantine, people were expeditious in turning it into a meme.

    Prince Harry Charles Albert David Windsor, Duke of Sussex running away from interview upon hearing the introduction to the box by Roddy ricch fan edit reaction video Credit: @BriMalandro

    Twitter: @rombmedia / Via Twitter: @rombmedia

    People would dub music over the clip, making it seem like Harry was running toward where the song was coming from.

    10. When Dominic Monaghan prank-interviewed Elijah Wood during promo for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

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    mydiarylife / YouTube / Via

    This is quite literally one of the funniest interviews I've ever seen, real or fake. The interview begins at the 2-minute-and-30-second mark, where Dominic pretends to be a German interviewer. The setup was coordinated through an audio call so that Elijah couldn't tell it was the actor, and he actually believed the interview was real.

    "Do you wear wigs?" "Have you worn wigs?" "Will you wear wigs?" "When will you wear wigs?"

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    big ol grub / YouTube / Via

    In the interview, which gets more and more absurd with each minute, Dominic comments on Elijah's hair length in various media appearances. He then proceeds to ask if Elijah wears wigs, if he has ever worn a wig, if he will in the future wear wigs, and when he will do so, which leads Elijah to scream and burst out in laughter. Just do yourself a favor and watch the clip already!!!

    11. When Paul Rudd and Jason Segel were most likely high in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes.

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    FlickFlock / Rotten Tomatoes / YouTube / Via

    The title truly says it all. During this interview doing promo for I Love You, Man, Paul and Jason proceed to make up an imaginary friend named Gideon, talk in accents, make faces, and just generally goof off in the most random ways imaginable. At one point, Paul fake-attacks Jason with a mannequin. At another, Jason — nearly in tears — says, "I think they're bringing us bread." (Honestly, I'd probably cry over this news too.) All in all, I just wanna know what strain elicited this result, because I may or may not need to stock up.

    12. And finally, when Lady Gaga was extremely candid in this 2011 MTV interview.

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    MTV / emma/YouTube / Via

    In this interview with MTV celebrating the release of Born This Way, Lady Gaga is asked fan questions, one of which is, "If you could do something dangerous just once with no risk, what would you do?" Without missing a beat, Lady Gaga answers, "Die."

    What are some of your favorite celebrity interviews that you believe exude strange, awkward, or unplaceable vibes? Comment below!

    Correction: This post previously misstated that Heath Ledger's interview included a fan. The woman is Australian actor Magda Szubanski.