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    Beanie Feldstein Dressed Up As Fanny Brice When She Was Younger And Grew Up With Ben Platt — Plus A Bunch Of Other Facts I Learned From Her Instagram

    Seriously in need of an application for Beanie's friend group.

    You know Beanie Feldstein — she's starred in films like Lady Bird, Booksmart, and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Currently, she's portraying Monica Lewinsky in Impeachment: American Crime Story.

    Beanie at the 2020 Oscars wearing a white Miu Miu gown adorned with black rose detailing

    And because she's such a talented actor and one-half of the iconic sibling duo also including Jonah Hill, I've decided to round up her cutest photos on Instagram. Without further ado, let's commence this deep dive!

    Beanie with Jonah on the red carpet. She wears a short-sleeved black and red dress and he wears a hoodie that reads "beanie's brother" on the lapel

    1. Personally, I can't get enough of this dress and purse combo! Invented chic and adorable, I think.

    2. Here's the beginning of a cute series of photos of Beanie and her producer girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts. They met on the set of the film How to Build a Girl, where Bonnie was working as the lead.

    3. Not exaggerating when I say her tribute to Bonnie on her 30th birthday restored my hope in romance.

    4. Here they are ready for the red carpet, with Beanie writing in the caption, "The fact that our names are Bonnie & Beanie will never not be embarrassing for us!!! 💕"

    5. As you may remember, Beanie wore this Oscar de la Renta dress to the 2020 Golden Globes. And in the caption, she points out that Bonnie is wearing a piece of her dress on her collar.

    6. Once again, just adorable.

    7. Beanie captioned this post, "My pride and joy always 🌈🌈🌈."

    8. Here, the cuties attend the London premiere of Booksmart.

    9. Here, they remain on-brand at an outdoor skating rink in London — the aforementioned brand being adorable and lovely.

    10. This next section of photos will include cute moments with friends (i.e., my aspiring besties).

    11. Some more BTS from Booksmart — a movie I've seen more times than I care to admit!

    12. Here, an adorable BTS photo with the one and only Jessica Williams (aka Ms. Fine, aka banned from Jamba Juice for life).

    13. This BTS from How to Build a Girl with Alfie Allen (you know him from Game of Thrones) undeniably made my day!

    14. Greta Gerwig and Beanie in one breathtaking picture. Enough said. But, if you need more, there's Saoirse Ronan in the second pic!

    15. And another cute pic with Lady Bird and Julie.

    16. My two worlds (Beanie and Florence Pugh) just colliding in one beautiful photo.

    17. This then vs. now pic with fellow Broadway star and high school BFF Ben Platt.

    18. And one more for good measure, because aw.

    19. Exhibit #4,902,284 of Beanie being the cutest.

    20. Here, she poses on FaceTime for her Bustle profile story.

    21. I think this photo speaks for itself, part 2. (Hint: Swipe for more cuteness.)

    22. Mama and baby Feldstein at the Golden Globes!

    23. IDK, this photo just makes me want to have an afternoon tea and walk with the Feldstein gals.

    24. Aptly captioned, "Bean meets 🌎."

    25. Just look at this ensemble for Fashion Canada!

    26. A spot-on Blair Waldorf homage.

    27. BTS with Seth Rogen on the set of Neighbors 2!

    28. Invented PJs.

    29. And here commences my personal favorite section composed entirely of baby and childhood throwback photos. Let's begin with this adorable pic of Beanie and her mom Sharon.

    30. No, I don't think I will shut up about this beyond-precious childhood photo of Jonah and Beanie.

    31. The matching fits!!!

    32. This throwback pic of Beanie dressed up as Fanny Brice proves she's the queen of manifesting.

    33. "Sorry but this is the best photo of all time" is what Beanie captioned it and she's 100% right.

    34. More matching fits!!!

    35. I have no words to describe the level of cuteness that emanates from this photograph.

    36. Matching once again!

    37. As a fellow Hello Kitty stan, I feel personally seen by this photo.

    38. Yes, it's true, Beanie invented Y2K fashion.

    39. Another pic with her bestie-since-birth Jonah.

    40. THE CUTEST!!!

    41. The tutu, the rubber duck, the headband — a fashion icon since her toddler years!

    42. Awwwww, part 8,489,202.

    43. Pure, unadulterated vibes in this photo.

    44. I'm convinced that tutus were mass-manufactured exclusively for baby Beanie.

    45. Beanie and Jonah in 1997, which makes them 4 and 14 here!

    46. And last but certainly not least, Beanie with her grandmother, rocking the absolute heck out of a leather jacket, hot pink sunnies, and tie-dye headband.

    TLDR, her Instagram is great, and I will be demanding more BTS photos of her with her gal pals in the future.