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    Anya Taylor-Joy Is The Moment Once Again At This Year's Emmys Because When Is She Not

    Welcome to the Anya Taylor-Joyification of Hollywood.

    Behold, the queen herself, Anya Taylor-Joy.

    Anya about to blow a kiss while standing on a boat

    You've seen her incredible range in the record-breaking The Queen's Gambit, 2020's Emma, and — soon to come — Edgar Wright's horror-thriller Last Night in Soho.

    Anya's character in The Queen's Gambit sitting at a table playing chess

    Of course, you've also seen her absolutely kill her looks on all of the red carpets she's graced.

    Anya wore an embroidered and embellished gown with pagoda shoulders and a matching headband

    And here was her Golden Globes look earlier this year.

    This year's Emmys is obviously no exception.

    She's wearing a backless golden and yellow Dior dress, and she's just the absolute moment as always.

    Here's a closer look at her hair, which was styled by Gregory Russell.

    And here's a closer look at the pearls on her dress.

    Just an absolute vision.

    And the people agree:

    she is an icon, she is a legend and she is THE MOMENT

    Twitter: @tia_marak @FilmUpdates / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @tia_marak

    miss girl never misses. whew.

    Twitter: @dianelyssa @FilmUpdates / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @dianelyssa

    In conclusion: No offense to anyone else, but everyone can pack it up because Anya won <3.

    I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Anya Taylor-Joy is the same brand of human as the rest of us

    Twitter: @byleahjohnson @FilmUpdates / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @byleahjohnson

    I'm kidding, but, also, like, not.