This Fan-Led Lawsuit Against Universal Pictures In Defense Of Ana De Armas Is My Favorite Thing To Happen This Month, And Yes, I'm Saying That Preemptively

    "Tbf if someone lied to me about seeing Ana de Armas I would've probably been pissed as well."

    It's two brave Ana de Armas stans against the world. More specifically, against Universal for cutting her out of the Beatles-themed movie Yesterday.

    On Friday, two fans filed a federal class action suit against the studio, alleging they were deceived into renting Yesterday on Amazon Prime because Ana appeared in the trailer.

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    The fans claimed the trailer used "false, misleading, and deceptive" marketing tactics.

    As reported by Variety, the court documents claim that 38-year-old Conor Woulfe and 44-year-old Peter Michael Rosza paid $3.99 to rent the film only to find out that their beloved actor was cut out of it. They're asking for $5 million to be restored to customers who were similarly misled.

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    Five million??? DOLLARS?!?!

    The 2019 musical rom-com sees its protagonist (played by Himesh Patel) wake up after a bus accident to a world without the Beatles. He soon becomes an overnight sensation as he performs the band's songs to an ignorant public.

    Originally, Yesterday was supposed to include a scene where Himesh's character Jack Malik serenaded Ana's Roxanne on James Corden's talk show. Screenwriter Richard Curtis explained to Cinema Blend in 2019 that screen tests revealed audiences didn't like the idea of Jack straying from his primary love interest, played by Lily.

    The lawsuit, which describes Ana as a "talented, successful, and famous actress," also accuses Universal of — I kid you not — exploiting her "fame, radiance, and brilliance to promote the film" because it was "unable to rely on" the other actors' "largely unknown" status.

    I was, of course, not the only one to find this lawsuit absolutely delightful and hilarious:

    Ana de Armas should sue that she was ever in YESTERDAY

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    Even worse sequel about a world in which ana de armas never existed

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    this opens up a lane for my suit against the makers of NO TIME TO DIE for not having *enough* Ana de Armas.

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    @DiscussingFilm tbf is someone lied to me about seeing Ana de Armas I would've probably been pissed as well

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    how does ana de armas inspire the best people

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    at least I’m not to blame this time

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    In conclusion: 1) Yes, Ana not being in any movie should be a crime. 2) These fans have so much time on their hands, but ultimately 3) I respect that immensely.