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31 Undeniable Truths That Journalism Majors Can All Agree On

Except for the use of the Oxford comma. Nobody will ever agree on that.

1. The AP Stylebook = The Bible.

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And after using it for four years, it starts to look as old as a bible, too.

2. The horror of being asked why you decided to major in a "dying profession."

Yeah, I decided to spend my life on a sinking ship. Lost cause. Thanks for asking.

3. Even though you're supposed to practice editing yourself, you rely on spell-check to be your secret guardian angel.

4. How hard it is to suppress the urge to correct one of your professors when they make a grammar/spelling error.

5. You hear the word "deadline" way too much, especially between your classes, internship, and job at the school newspaper/site.


And you're definitely not looking forward to hearing on a regular basis when you graduate.

6. There is no right answer to "Should I get a journalism master's?"

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Half of your mentors say yes, and half say no. Thanks.

7. You know about the random events around school because of your work at the campus publication.

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8. These people are basically who you want to be by the time you graduate.

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Though, secretly, you think you're already one of them.

9. And if a journo royal comes to speak at school, it's hard not to fangirl out.

10. There is nothing more satisfying than hitting your word count on an article for class.

11. But nothing more frustrating than having to cut down your piece because you're over.

My sentences are too beautiful to be sacrificed!!

12. Phone tag should be an Olympic event.

And is one of the main reasons you haven't called your mom all week.

13. There are such things as awful words and good words.

14. Some people are meant to do stand-ups....

15. And some... should stick to print.

And all those classes where you tried to branch out was a time better left forgotten.

16. Nobody can rip apart a story like a j-school professor.

17. You're not doing it for the money.

Twitter: @FakeNYULocal

And if you forget, every professor is reminding you every other second of the day. And your finance/business major friends.

18. Your voice played back on your recorder never sounds good.

19. Let alone watching your package played back in front of the entire class.

20. It's more fun to gouge your own eyeballs out than transcribe an interview.

21. Intern life is usually a Devil Wears Prada situation. Like actually.

Except Anne Hathaway didn't also have to go to class on top of it.

22. If you could get a coffee IV, you would.

And you probably are on a first name basis with your campus barista.

23. This is you one hour before a story is due...

24. And five minutes.

Because "you can only work under pressure."

25. If you have any problems with an article/paper, you can usually blame it on your sources not calling you back.

"I swear, [X Company] hates student journalists!"

26. You're so used to writing articles that you've basically forgotten how to write academic papers.

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What's an essay?

27. You're constantly caught in the "should I share my own article" dilemma...

But in the end, your Facebook friends need to see it.

28. Sleeping for more than five hours is a luxury.

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Especially when you need to get up at the ass crack of dawn to get that article you've been putting off due. Or film some more B-roll.

29. Your most dysfunctional relationship is probably with InDesign.

30. You're used to getting unrelenting criticism because you've chosen a controversial career path...

31. But you know it's all worth it...

Because you know you have the chance to tell stories for a living. Which is pretty cool.