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31 Undeniable Truths That Journalism Majors Can All Agree On

Except for the use of the Oxford comma. Nobody will ever agree on that.

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2. The horror of being asked why you decided to major in a "dying profession."

Yeah, I decided to spend my life on a sinking ship. Lost cause. Thanks for asking.


5. You hear the word "deadline" way too much, especially between your classes, internship, and job at the school newspaper/site.

And you're definitely not looking forward to hearing on a regular basis when you graduate.


28. Sleeping for more than five hours is a luxury.

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Especially when you need to get up at the ass crack of dawn to get that article you've been putting off due. Or film some more B-roll.

29. Your most dysfunctional relationship is probably with InDesign.

Because you know you have the chance to tell stories for a living. Which is pretty cool.

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