This Map Of Race In America Is Pretty Freaking Awesome

Check out America’s racial makeup in technicolor.

1. Dustin Cable, a demographic researcher at the University of Virginia, made this map of the races and ethnicities of 308,745,538 Americans (approximate population). After gathering data from the 2010 U.S. Census, he plotted each color-coded dot on a map.

On the Weldon Cooper Centre for Public Service’s website, you can manipulate the map by zooming in and out. The map above represents the big picture, but only if you zoom in to particular cities (or even neighborhoods) do you really get a sense of both the racial diversity and segregation in the United States.

3. Here's New York City (all maps use the same color key as the map above):

4. Boston: / Via Emily Badger for <a href="The”> Atlantic</a>

5. The San Francisco Bay Area:

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