This Is What Technology Has Done To Your Love Life

Basically, the difference between you and your grandparents’ dating scene comes down to a major game-changer.

1. Then: asking your crush out.

George Marks / Getty Images

George Marks / Getty Images


3. Then: getting ready for a date.

George Marks / Getty Images

4. Now:

Natalie Morin

5. Then: learning more about your date.

George Marks / Getty Images

7. Then: your standards for the first date.

George Marks / Getty Images

8. Now:

Amparo E. Rios / Getty Images


9. Then: the importance of good etiquette.


10. Now:

Tinder / Via

11. Then: flirting.

Edouard Boubat (1967) / Via

13. Then: going out dancing.

15. Then: the sign of a successful first date…

Paramount Pictures / Via

16. Now:

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17. Then: filling your friends in on how the night went.

Paramount Pictures / Via

18. Now:

Natalie Morin

19. Then: waiting for the person you’re dating to contact you…

HarperCollins / Via

20. Now:

Columbia Pictures / Via

21. Then: The next 2nd, 3rd and 4th dates…


23. Then: when things don’t work out.

25. Then: the feeling you get when it works out…

Everett Collection / Via

Some things never change.

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