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    39 Places You Want To Sleep Right Now

    Try not to nod off.

    1. On a ship.

    2. In a Jane Austen novel.

    3. In Bali and Morocco.

    Tim Street-Porter

    4. In the countryside.

    5. In the mountains.

    6. Underwater.

    7. Overlooking a pool.

    8. In a tree.

    9. Near a lake.

    10. In a hammock.

    11. Closer to the earth.

    12. In a garden.

    13. In a tent.

    14. On the water.

    15. Overlooking the horizon.

    16. In the desert.

    17. Bathed in morning light.

    18. Facing a lush backyard.

    19. Facing the light of dusk.

    20. In a swing.

    21. Surrounded by your favorite tales.

    22. In your dream car.

    23. Near a window.

    24. In a cabin.

    25. Smelling the sea breeze.

    26. In a field.

    27. Under a skylight.

    28. In a city.

    29. In a different era.

    30. In a perfectly unmade bed.

    31. Surrounded by friends.

    32. Suspended.

    33. In a loft.

    34. In a forest.

    35. Warmed by the glow of the sun.

    36. Facing natural beauty.

    37. Somewhere with high ceilings.

    38. Someplace simple.

    39. In the clouds.

    Sarah Hobbs /

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