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15 Insane College Parties That Will Make You Want To Transfer

Get ready for some major fist-pumping. (Note: These are in no particular order.)

1. Palmer Fest — Ohio University

When: May

Size: 8,000 people

Why it's insane: This year, the party got so wild that most people didn't notice a house catch on fire.

Video here.

2. State Patty's Day — Penn State

When: February

Why it's insane: Even though arrests went down by 37% this year (WHAT) the school decided to PAY BARS TO NOT SELL ALCOHOL on the day of. CRAY.

Video here.

3. 4/20 Smoke Out — University of Colorado Boulder

When: April 20

Size: 12,000 people

Why it's insane: You feel like you're FLOATING IN A CLOUD because so many people are lighting up. And WYCLEF JEAN was included in that cloud this year in order to deter people from smoking. LULZ.

Video here.

4. Mifflin Street Block Party — University Of Wisconsin–Madison

When: April/May (finals week)

Size: 20,000 people

Why it's insane: It's one of the biggest block parties in the country and basically a counterculture event because school administration and the police try to stop it from happening every year. Students RAGING IN THE NAME OF FREEEDOMM!

Check out a video here.

5. Deltopia — University of California, Santa Barbara

When: April (start of spring quarter)

Size: 18,000 people

Why it's insane: It's a beach party on STEROIDS. Everyone just brings inflatable toys and drinks on the beach or just dances on sunny rooftops.

Video here.

6. Slope Day — Cornell University

When: The last day of classes

Size: 12,000 people

Why it's insane: Because every year you and your best friends get to see people like Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Ben Folds, and Kendrick Lamar perform for you. OK, Ivy League WHAT UP I SEE YOU!

Video here.

7. Veishea — Iowa State University

When: April/May

Size: 75,000 people

Why it's insane: It's a NONSTOP WEEKLONG PARTY with parades and music (like B.o.B and Grouplove).

8. W.I.L.D. — Washington University in St. Louis

When: Once in the fall and again in the spring

Size: 10,000 people

Why it's insane: The school sets up INFLATABLE COUCHES for you to drink and listen to music on. Basically bringing your house party to the NEXT LEVEL.

Video here.

9. Frost — University of Southern California

When: December

Why it's insane: You actually forget that you're in Los Angeles. Ice bars and ice shot luges everywhere, snow, an elevated stage, and an all-white dress code. SERIOUSLY TAKING A SHOT OUT OF AN ICE SCULPTURE IS SOME NEXT-LEVEL SHIT.

Video here.

10. Little 500 — Indiana University

When: April

Size: 40,000 people

Why it's insane: It's a bicycle race turned giant week of slip n' slides, concerts, foam parties. Like just a clusterfuck of wild activities.

Video here.

11. Jungle Party — University of Arizona

When: May

Why it's insane: WATERFALL. GIANT POOL. SWIMSUITS. DJ. BOOZE. TREEHOUSE. It's like that Aztec party from The House Bunny, but actually real.

Video here.

12. Round Up — University of Texas-Austin

When: March

Why it's insane: It's the epitome of Texan fraterdom. Neon and CRAWFISH BOILS? Say no more.

Video here.

13. University of Florida/University of Georgia — Frat Beach

When: November

Why it's insane: Two rival schools: one GIANT SOUTHERN FRATFEST. You get to use costumes and beach party craziness to pre-game the biggest football game of the season. NICE.

Video here.

14. Mirror Lake Jump — Ohio State University

When: OSU vs. Michigan football game (November)

Size: 12,000 people

Why it's insane: Before the big game, everybody gets trashed and JUMPS INTO MIRROR LAKE AND PARTIES IN IT. NO MATTER THE WEATHER.

Video here.

15. Mardi Gras — Tulane University

When: The day before Ash Wednesday

Why it's insane: I mean, it's NOLA. It's the biggest party of the year down in the Big Easy and the whole city goes nuts. Parades, good drinks, and food until the SUN. COMES. UP.

Video here.