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22 Chinese Signs That Got Seriously Lost In Translation


1. In case of emergency...

2. You know, one of those time sex things...

3. Freshly caught, I hope!

4. Can I get a fucking heart exam, too?

5. Thanks for offering.

6. Lonely Planet said it was a must-see.

7. Hey, you might as well be graceful about it.

8. Ah, maybe we should wait til they're done.

9. Maybe it's reverse psychology?

10. Right?!?!

11. Shh!

12. Hey, no funny business.

13. I heard it's protected by UNESCO.

14. We need to start unrecycling more often.

15. But besides that, you're great!

16. Definitely the best flavor.

17. Oh, stop it...

18. It's really popular with X-Men.

19. Edison was so wise.

20. And it's on sale!

21. Maybe the oven was broken?

22. Cheap, fast & easy.