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Brenton Thwaites Is Officially Your New Obsession

The star of "The Giver" is definitely the kind of guy you'd want to share your memories with.

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Meet Brenton Thwaites.

He's been cast opposite Jeff Bridges as Jonas in the upcoming movie adaptation of "The Giver."

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

According to recent reports.

He also stars as Prince Philip in Disney's "Maleficent" alongside Angelina Jolie.

Disney / Via

Sleeping Beauty will be stoked to wake up to that face.

Disney / AFFC / Via

Before this, he was only in a couple of TV shows and a Lifetime movie.

Hoodlum Entertainment / Via

Oh, and did I mention he's Australian?!

He also is older than he looks.

Hoodlum Entertainment / Via

(He's 25!)

All in all, he seems to be a pretty laid back guy.

His past roles have proven that Brenton is pretty much open to anything.


No biggie.

He's also adventurous in lots of other ways.

Via Twitter: @Brontella121

He's punny.

Via Twitter: @Brontella121

But he also has his more serious, talk-about-my-craft moments.

Even though he's about to become a pretty big deal, he still appreciates the little things.

AFFC / Via

And he likes going to the bea–


Let the fandom begin.

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