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    27 Ways To Eat Like An Adult In College

    Who says you can't eat like a normal person in college?

    1. Make paninis (with an iron).

    Or a delicious grilled cheese. Just butter the outsides of the sandwich, wrap it in foil, put it on a textbook and iron each side for a couple of minutes.

    2. Or even French Toast.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    This particular recipe is even vegan.

    3. Keep a stash of dried seaweed to make some easy sushi snacks.

    This is made with spam and minute rice.

    4. Use your microwave to make scrambled eggs. Or even a quiche.

    Detailed recipe here.

    5. And fancier things, like lasagna and chicken couscous.

    Recipes here.

    6. And cake.

    Here are some recipies.

    7. If your mini fridge isn't very cold, use this trick to chill lukewarm beers.

    Just wet a towel and stick it in the freezer for 8-15 minutes. More ways here.

    8. Buy some popcorn seasoning to spice up a staple snack.

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    9. Make your ramen a little more exciting.

    Like this Ramac & cheese recipe. But instead of broiling it, just pop it in the microwave.

    10. Or make it a dry snack.

    Recipe here.

    11. You can drink wine in your room without needing a wine opener.

    You can use a string or use these other things.

    12. Make an easy taco salad in a bag.

    For those ever-persistent Mexican food cravings. Here's the five-minute recipe.

    13. For the coffee snobs, you can brew one cup at a time with just two disposable cups and a coffee filter.

    So you don't have to settle for the generic cafeteria stuff. Detailed instructions here.

    14. Turn your go-to cereal into a cereal bar.

    Three ingredients + microwave recipe here.

    15. Invest in a tumbler so you can make smoothies.

    16. If you're dying for fresh vegetables, you can make your own zero-power container garden.

    Ambitious, but hey. You do you. Instructions here.

    17. Or an upside-down planter.

    Make sure you clear it with your building admin first. Instructions here.

    18. Or just get more greens in by buying a pack of grab-bag vegetables.

    Just zap them and go.

    19. Use a base or meat-flavored bouillon to make a quick soup.

    Or just to upgrade your rice.

    20. Make no-bake cookies.

    If you need something sweet, you can make these in just minutes.

    21. And easy chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.

    These ones only require three ingredients. Take that, Milanos.

    22. If you don't have a kitchen, definitely get an electric hot water kettle.

    You can quickly make anything from miso soup to oatmeal. And apparently you can make these things in a coffee maker.

    23. Because you can also use it to make broth-y soups.

    View this video on YouTube

    24. But you don't necessarily need it to make oatmeal.

    Recipe for overnight oats (without needing a microwave) here.

    25. Or if you're feeling fancy (and your dorm allows it) you can make magic with a wafflemaker.

    Like these cinnamon rolls.

    26. Or these single servings of bacon.

    27. If all else fails, check out a campus calendar for events and info sessions that might have food.

    It'll be a nice break from goldfish and Cup 'O Noodles.