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11 Engagement Photos That Will Make You Happy You're Single

These make your middle school yearbook pictures look like they were taken for Vogue.


couple posing with woman bearing all her teeth / Via

A very good time to show off your dental work.


couple posing with man open mouth kissing woman's cheek while she looks angry / Via

"It's fine, he does this all the time."


man with face pressed against sad-looking woman's neck


couple posing in strange medieval costumes / Via

99% sure that's not a real castle...


couple in full clothes laying in ocean / Via

They got the bottom of their pants wet, but it's a small price to pay for true love.


man pretending to go to bathroom in front of fiance

"See what we did there?"


couple dressed as fairies / Via

They obviously have a lot in common. Love the cargo capris, by the way.


couple poses with man's shirt off looking creepy / Via

"I'll wear my favorite dress and you can wear your favorite shirt, honey!"

9. / Via

Nothing says "I love you" like paying for parking.


woman straddles partner over log in woods


couple poses as peter pan

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