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    12 Times Augustus Waters Made You Go Aww During The Fault In Our Stars Movie

    Raising the bar for boys everywhere since June 6, 2014. Some spoilers ahead.

    1. When he tells Hazel she's beautiful literally minutes after meeting her.


    2. When he reads An Imperial Affliction just because it's Hazel's favorite.

    We've all experienced that dreaded cliffhanger moment before.

    3. When he lets Issac break his trophies in order to help him cope.

    Friends let friends break their basketball trophies.

    4. When he decides that their "thing" will be saying, "okay".

    Because every couple needs a "thing"

    5. When he plans a german themed picnic for Hazel, so that he can tell her that they're going to go to Amsterdam!!!

    Notice how he has tulips, because of the Dutch Tulip Man from An Imperial Affliction

    6. When after being given the cold shoulder by Hazel, he still comes over in her time of need to chat with her on the swing set.

    Aww, just aww.

    7. When he's scared of being on the plane and does this...

    8. When he says this...

    9. And this...

    <3 <3 <3

    10. When he asks Hazel to meet him at the church for his pre-funeral. / Via

    Okay, so its a little creepy and really heartbreaking that Augustus wants to hear his own eulogy, but its still worthy of an aww.

    11. When Isaac visits Hazel after the funeral and lets her know that Gus really loved her.

    Even though it's Isaac speaking on behalf of Gus, we as the audience see how great Gus' affection toward Hazel really was.

    12. And finally, when Hazel finds out that the piece of paper that she crumpled up from Van Houten was actually Gus' eulogy for Hazel.


    Major points for being able to make everyone go aww, even after he has passed.

    We love you Augustus Waters!!!