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How To Become Snapchat Famous In 24 Hours Or Less: A Guide

From 0 to 100k followers real quick.

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1. Know Your Audience

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If you want to be successful this is the first thing you need to address. Who follows you? If it’s just your mom, your closest friend group from high school, and Aunt June, please stop reading this article right now. Dare I repeat myself? Close this tab.

2. Know Your Angles

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The next step focuses on your skill – your technique. Are you going to be filming yourself close up, are you going to hire someone to take your snaps for you? This is something you need to plan and organize right away.

3. Tailor Your Presentation

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Boujee is your new middle name. You participate in nothing but luxury…or at least that’s all you show people. Studying for exams? You won’t be snapping that day. Popping bottles on a private jet… you know what to do.

4. Uber Everywhere

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If I had to pick any step that I would deem as most important – this would be it. NEVER be seen operating your own vehicle. Driving yourself to your own destination is for pedestrians. Only ride in tinted Lincoln town cars and absolutely never be caught opening your own door. If you’re forced into using public transportation, however, sign autographs during the ride and post an Instagram using the hashtag #MeetNGreet

5. F#&! The Paps

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This is your new mentality. Did you just run into your friend Sophia of 6 years? Don’t you dare act like you know who she is. If she waves to you, subtly slip on your oversized black Prada shades. Refer to all of your peasant friends as paparazzi and eventually they will follow suit.

6. Be Consistent

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Another key element. There is a fine line between posting too much and not at all. If you post too often, it could be beneficial for you to go on a week-long sabbatical. People will start to wonder where you are, and what you’re doing. When you return to posting you can obviously fill every one in and your 7 day excursion to the Turks and Caicos by posting 13 consecutive Instagram photos of you posing by the pool in a cobalt blue mink coat.

7. Adapt To The Fame

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Once the above steps are completed and perfected you can sit back and relax. By relax I mean watch the followers flow in like the Nile into the Mediterranean. Although there are benefits to becoming famous, there are downfalls that come along with it. For example: It will be harder to participate in normal peasantry like doing your homework at the library or at your favorite farm-to-table, organic, non-GMO, gluten free, sugar free, coffee free, coffee bar. You will now have to complete your homework on the steps of your private jet, or on the hood of your Mercedes. No other options being acceptable.

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