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Which A&S LLP Is Your Best Fit?

You have narrowed your potential Living Learning Programs down to three -- now which A&S community is for you? Take this quiz to find out! (The information contained in this article is strictly for entertainment purposes. It in no way reflects the opinions of the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences. All material is cited from: "Arts & Sciences." Living Learning Programs | College of Arts & Sciences. University of Kentucky, n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2017.)

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  1. What are you looking forward to most during your premier college year?
    Meeting new friends - there are so many amazing people and cultures in the world!
    Finding leadership opportunities - it is really important to me to get involved!
    Getting a head-start on academics - I would really like advanced opportunities early!
  2. Which set of words is most appealing to you?
    Civic engagement, social justice, community
    Research, professionalism, preparation
    culture, experience, global citizen
  3. Are you interested in studying abroad?
    No - I would rather spend my time affecting my home community in a positive way.
    Maybe - it would depend on the opportunity and location.
    Yes! Immersing myself in another culture means I will be better prepared to help many different people.
  4. What are your thoughts on service?
    Service is great! I would really like to spend my time affecting positive change in alternative environments.
    I love service! A better understanding of the larger community around me is important.
    I love service from behind-the-scenes. Sometimes, I feel people like researchers and technicians go unnoticed for their contributions to the community.
  5. Your LLP will feature a connected course -- which of the following seems the most interesting?
    Civic Engagement 101
    Cultural Diversity in the Modern World
  6. It is time to get involved! Where will you most likely spend your time?
    An international film series or event on campus seems like fun!
    I just signed up for an Isaac Murphy Memorial Art tour and plan to stop by Keeneland.
    I am really excited to check our the UK Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars. There are a couple of other research seminars in town I would like to check out too!
  7. Where would you like to live during your first year of college?
    Well within south campus would be awesome! Having the library, Willy T, and JSB close by would be super helpful!
    North campus is beautiful - I would really like to stay in a residential building open during the breaks so I can continue to explore the environment around me.
    Right along the edge of campus. I heard there are some great shops and eateries along the edge! Steak n Shake perhaps?
  8. Typically there are opportunities for return to your LLP as a mentor. Which mentorship opportunity is most appealing?
    I would really like to be a peer mentor to a young leader in the community.
    I would like to spend my mentorship learning about someone new and teaching them about myself and the culture around me.
    I would like to provide all of the great resources to my mentee. Early involvement and fast track programs are the best!
  9. Which faculty background connects most with you?
    A globalized and travel savvy faculty member would be great to work with.
    Faculty members with an array of backgrounds in arts and sciences studies would be most appealing to me.
    A faculty member involved in multiple facets of the community would be great -- someone who works with many issues facing Lexington such as homelessness and social justice.
  10. What are your collegiate interests of study?
    Natural Sciences
    Social Sciences/Liberal Arts
    International Studies and Globalization

Which A&S LLP Is Your Best Fit?

You got: International Villiage

"The International Village Living Learning Program at the University of Kentucky is founded on the belief that we live in an interconnected world, and to thrive in this world means knowing and understanding people from diverse parts of the world. Our globally connected lives can be seen in the clothes we wear, heard in the music we listen to, and tasted in the food we eat. While the things we enjoy and rely on everyday come from all over the planet, it is connections between people that are the most meaningful and rewarding."

International Villiage
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You got: LEXengaged

"Through course discussions, guest speakers, and off-campus tours, students will obtain a better understanding of the larger community in which they live—Lexington—as well as develop a greater appreciation of the relationship between the University and the larger community. Students will be integrated through volunteering where issues are present in the community."

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You got: STEMCats

"STEMCats is a pre-Fall freshmen academic, research and professional development residential program. This living learning program is intended for first-year students who have applied for a STEM major or who are interested in a STEM major."

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