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Which Sweet Pal Are You?

Time to find out!

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  1. what are you currently doing?

    drinking till you accidentally black
    at my boyfriend's
    studying orgo and panicking
    "nothing bad"
    napping away your anxiety
  2. what is your getting ready routine?

    done in 30 seconds
    "does my nipple piercing show in this?"
    can't go out, i'm with my boyfriend
    roaming through other closets
    sitting in a robe for 3 hours
  3. It's 1 am. What are you doing?

    didn't go out tonight :/
    i'm at 7/11
    do you even know where you are
    tracking your pals on find my friends
    at a man's house, but responsibly
  4. You had a surprise baby in Cancun! What's your next move?

    leave it there
    lie and say it's an immaculate conception
    be proposed to on the spot
    embrace life as a single mom
    start raising it for the Olympics
  5. What's your daily attire?

    mom outfit
    sorority t-shirt
    work attire
    all black
    workout clothes
  6. what have you eaten today?

    i'm paleo, but i've had a quesadilla
    a sandwich with mayo
    avocado toast with poached eggs
    whatever my boyfriend cooked me
    weird asian candy from amazon
  7. You got a package! What is it?

    something from amazon for a theme
    a free people black shirt
    something sorority related from mom
    a strange letter from your church
    lord only knows
  8. Where do you study?

    at work
    my boyfriend's bedroom
    the sorority house
  9. What type of drunk are you?

    it's like normal you, but 10x louder
    bitchy and blacked
    a phantom
  10. What's your drink of choice?

    bacardi hurricane
    vodka sour

Which Sweet Pal Are You?

You got: Gabby

are you a stem major? do you love bubble tea? are you really loud? do you buy weird shit? you're a gabby. you never stop talking and you're great at pretending you have your shit together. you're slightly dumb, but seem smart so we love you anyway.

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You got: Quinn

do you only wear black? do you not know your alcohol limits? do you take adderall (don't worry, it's prescribed). you're a quinn! you won't shut up about being paleo even though you're not. do you ever wear a bra? you're from LA, and no one will ever forget it because you remind everyone every 6 minutes. no worries though, you have your shit kind of together.

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You got: Emily

do you have a boyfriend? is his name michael? are you the most extra delta gamma legacy? you bleed bronze pink and blue if you're an emily! you love to be extra and petty, especially with your memes. you're the queen of your research lab, which everyone in the groupme is reminded of once a week. a gal who has it all together.

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You got: Natalie

did you do theatre in high school? were you Fiona in a play? are you a little bit of a narc? do you have a lot of emotions? if so, you're a Natalie. you play exclusively with quinn whenever you're not napping. you're mad at men 24/7. generally extremely anxious, and a lover of broadcast journalism.

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You got: Gottbetter

did you go on birthright? are you from new jersey? do you have a huge butt? you're a Rachael! you love mathematics and to drink.

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