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The College Journey

How the college experience can relate to the hero's journey throughout each semester

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2. Muster the courage to take a risk

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Each student begins out their journey with taking on the risk to decide to leave home and go to college. Students are deciding to make a change and create a new chapter in their life. College is a huge risk when you are now living on your own, learning to be responsible, and figuring out who you are.

3. Be compassionate and patient

Throughout college you will meet a lot of people. At first you might think that all of these new changes are only happening to you, but soon everyone comes to the realization that we are all going through it together. We eventually get through each semester and get one step closer to graduation. It's a relief to know that college is only temporary and we can get through it with patience.

4. Be accountable and transparent

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Everyone encounters temptations throughout their college years whether it is with drugs, alcohol, partying, etc. It is easy to get caught up in what others expect you to do, but in the end it only matters what you want for yourself. You learn to accept your actions and take accountability. In the end you find your true self and it is a huge relief to finally live for yourself and no one else.

5. Endure the suck

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The mid semester stress is something you can not seem to escape from. You just got done midterms, spring break is over, and now you realize you have so much work to catch up on and then you get hit with finals and projects. This is the beginning of the end and everyone is just over the semester. There is so much stress and you are not sure if you can make it to the end.

6. Be confident of your journey

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Through all of the stress and negativity you need to remember why you came to college in the first place. Why did you apply? Why did you pick your major? Is this still something you want to do? Once you come to your conclusions you are now motivated all over again and ready to end this semester confindently. You know you can make it through and pass all of your courses.

7. Stay focused and authentic

Now that you are motivated once again, it is time to prepare for finals and make up any missed work. You are so focused on studying and school work, but now you are running on coffee and lack of sleep. At this point it comes down to doing well on finals or getting a good amount of sleep, because we all know it seems impossible to conquer both at the same time.

9. Gratitude for gifts received

The greatest gift of every semester is when it is finally over. You passed all of your courses and now you get to relax and enjoy summer/winter break...

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