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Unpopular Opinion: High School Football Is Better Than College Football

Read more about my thoughts on high school football.

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Football season is coming to a quick end as we make our way though this fall season. I have a brother who plays high school football, and I would much rather go back to watch him play rather than sit through an almost four hour college game, and this is coming from a Nebraska Husker fan! The truth is, football is a great American sport all around. It bring families and friends together, and it give people conversation. There is just something about high school football that brings back sentimental feels for me. This may partially be because of my brother running on the field as a starter, but even aside from that fact, I love the team.

High school football is much more personal because of the relationship you have with the players. After Lakeview games, I have many players to go talk to down on the field. I have not many of the college football players at UNL, which makes the games impersonal to me. I still care about my team, make it to all of the games, and am sad if we lose, but my love for the Huskers is not as real as my love for the Lakeview Vikings.

For me, high school football brings me back to my hometown, my family and my old friends. This is precious time spent with all of these people over something we are all passionate about. We love to watch our team thrive, and we are there for them when the game doesn't go quite as expected. We are the team's support system and they count on us. The home field of a football field brings a sentimental feeling back for everyone who went to school there. Whether is a recent alum like me, or a parent who went to the same school, we are in agreement.

I love that I have a reason to go back home to watch high school football. It is going to the the thing I miss most when my brother graduates. I'm sure I will still go back for many games because of my love for the team as a whole. Go Lakeview and Go Vikings!

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