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Pale Skin? Not For Me!

How I discovered the tanning lotion of my high school self's dreams.

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I used to hear stories about how in the olden days men fancied women who were pale, which meant they stayed inside to do "women" chores. Oh, how times have changed. Today, women long to have skin that looks freshly bronzed by the sun.

As a sophomore in high school, it was a pretty big deal to be asked to prom. My friend Taylor grew the nerve to ask me to go with him as his date. Of course I said yes without any hesitation. It wasn't until I realized the dance was three weeks away and I didn't have a dress that I began to worry and question my answer. On a second note, I overheard upperclassmen girls talking about how they had been tanning for months in preparation for the big night.

"It's that time of year when all the girls start to fake-bake," said my friend Matt. I specifically recall that remark since it was during my prime time of deciding whether I should ask my mom to help me get a tanning membership or not. I decided I didn't want to be pale if all the other girls were going to be tan at the dance. Who would want to stick out like a sore thumb?

I finally explained my dilemma to my mom one night at dinner and she agreed to go with me to set up a free week of tanning for me at our local salon. I was surprised at my mom's coolness with the topic, since many moms freak out about skin cancer. However, I wasn't about to put negative thoughts in her head that might make her change her mind.

Walking into the salon, I could smell the sweet aroma of the different products the salon had to offer. Tanning lotion is never something I had even thought about prior to my first visit. The lady who set up my membership asked me, "So which tanning lotion would you like to purchase with this?" I froze and immediately responded with, "Which one would you suggest?"

She helped me narrow my options down to three choices. After hearing about each of them from her and smelling the scents, I ended up choosing the Kardashian Glow Platinum Bronzer. The real reason I chose this product is because of the beautiful matte gold finish on the exterior.

I used this bronzer product during the whole week of my free membership trial, and it definitely got me to the color I wanted to be for prom. I was so satisfied with the product, I ended up buying another bottle for when I ran out to ensure I wouldn't have to use anything else. To this day, if I ever use indoor tanning I always bring my Kardashian Glow Platinum Bronzer with me. There is something about the sweet smell and smooth application that keeps me loyal to this specific product.

In the description it lists how the product is a combination of DHA and Caramel for the perfect color of skin after use. Many girls come out of a month of tanning looking orange because of the bronzer they are using. The golden hue this product gives my skin after tanning is what keeps me wanting more.

The Kardashian Glow Platinum Bronzer is just one product in the line this brand has to offer. I have yet to explore the other lotions by the Kardashians, as I am honestly just still obsessed with the gold color of the bottle I continue to buy.

The Kardashians have always been forward in their appearances which is why I believe this product aligns with their brand so well. Whether you are a fan or this family or not, it is hard to deny the golden glow of their skin.

So, until pale skin becomes trending again in America, I'll continue to buy Kardashian Glow Platinum Bronzer.

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