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    7 Easy Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

    A little bit of organizing never hurt anyone.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. Fill up an empty jar or container with salt (inexpensive, and it doesn't attract bugs), then use it to store your makeup brushes.

    This tutorial from P.S. I Made This shows you how to color the salt with chalk, so you can do ombré or (even easier), a solid color of salt.

    2. Cook several quesadillas on Sunday, then portion and freeze them so you have a quick, healthy breakfast every morning.

    Then just microwave them the morning of, and munch on the go (they're commute-friendly, if you don't have time to sit down to nom before you have to head out, which, who are we kidding here). Get the recipe for these freezer-friendly white bean and spinach whole-grain quesadillas here.

    3. Download an app like Big Oven, which lets you read blogs, save recipes, and make grocery lists and meal plans based on those recipes.

    Anything that can make meal planning easier is a friend of mine. Read more about it here.

    4. Give everyone in your family a lingerie bag for their socks (custom decoration optional), so you never worry about losing socks again.

    Just wash all of the socks IN the bag — read more here. You can order a similar bag for $5.50 here, or find it in the laundry aisle of your grocery store.

    5. Install a tension curtain rod ($4.99 here) above your kitchen sink to make it easy to find your towel and sponge.

    Read more about it here. You can use it for your hand towel, brush storage, and even for clipping your sponge up (using a binder clip) so it completely dries out every time.

    6. If your air conditioner isn't getting your house as cool as it should be, go check on the filter.

    This can also help with your allergies! Pro tip: When you change the filter, write that day's month, year, and date. That way, you always know the last time you changed it. (You can also set a calendar reminder on your phone for three months in the future so you remember to check on it in time.) Read more about changing filters here.

    7. If you're moving this summer, consider using this super-simple color key system.

    It is 1000 times faster to stick a few red dots on a packed box than to write "living room" on each side. And once you've moved, it's so much easier to spot red dots than it is to try to read what you scribbled during your last-minute packing. Read more about the system here.

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