21 Stunning DIY Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops

    Set one up at your reception and let your guests go crazy. Ranked from easiest to hardest.

    1. Fresh Flower Wall

    2. Giant Balloon Heart

    3. Simple Suspended Fabric

    Hang a shower curtain or several yards of your favorite fabric from a backdrop frame, (here's how you can make your own, and you can secure the fabric to the frame using clamps like these). Read the how-to here.

    Difficulty level: 💪

    4. Hay Bales and Vintage Frames

    Find hay at an animal feed store and hang up empty frames with nails. Laying down an outdoor rug (like ones available here or here) adds a little color.

    Difficulty level: 💪

    5. Floating Heart Curtain

    6. Ribbons and Globe Lights

    7. Mosquito Netted Sofa

    8. Fluffy Stuffing Clouds

    9. Dip-dyed Coffee Filter Curtain

    You will need a TON of coffee filters, but you can buy them in bulk without spending too much. Get the step-by-step here.

    Difficulty level: 💪💪

    10. Wall of Vintage Plates

    11. Cocktail Napkin Flower Garlands

    12. Suspended Carnations

    13. No-Sew Geometric Dropcloth

    14. Giant Polaroid Frame

    15. Monochromatic Paper Flowers

    16. Wall of Vines

    17. Macramé Yarn Hanging

    18. Lace Canvases

    19. Ombré Tissue Paper

    20. Giant Paper Flower Garden

    21. 1920s-Style Paper Moon