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Share The Best Underrated Drinking Game You've Ever Actually Played

And no, flip cup doesn't count.

Do you and your friends play an awesome underrated drinking game that's also a shit ton of fun?

Maybe you made up something called "Most Likely", where everyone points at the person they think is "Most likely to accost Chris Hemsworth for a selfie on the street."

Maybe all of your parties have an ongoing game of "Freeze or Drink" — where the designated Mr. Freeze freezes randomly during the party, and the last person to freeze has to take a shot and becomes the new Mr. Freeze.

Maybe you play a game called "Titanic", where you float a small plastic shot glass in a half-cup of beer, then everyone takes turns adding some of their drink to the little shot glass. And the person who sinks it has to drink the whole thing.

Or maybe you have an entirely different game with its own crazy fun rules!

We want to hear about it! What's your most underrated drinking game you love to play, and how do you play it? Tell us (and if you want, upload a photo of it in the dropbox below), and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!