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What's The Smartest Cleaning Trick You've Ever Tried?

Tell us what works for you!

What's the best cleaning tip, trick, or rule that you've actually tried and swear by?

Do you sweep up the pet hair on your upholstery using a spritz of water and an old squeegee?

Or do you whip out your lint roller to dust your lampshades?

Do you have a miracle trick for the mold buildup in your bathtub?

Maybe you found a lazy way to ditch the grime on your showerhead: filling a ziplock bag with vinegar and baking soda, and rubber-banding it on while the mixture fizzes.

Or maybe one afternoon, vexed by the pile of dust inexplicably building up on your ceiling fan, ~inspiration struck~ and you grabbed a dirty pillow case from the laundry basket.

Maybe you have rules you follow about sweeping the floors, so you're as efficient as possible: like sweeping in ~quadrants~ and never moving a dust pile from one place to another.

Or perhaps you've just found a random household object that neatly doubles for a cleaning product.

Or something else entirely — even if it's about cleaning your headphones, or your car!

Tell us about your clever cleaning trick, tip, rule, or technique — even better, upload a photo of how it's done to the drop box below — and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!