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What's The Most Comfortable Pair Of Heels You Actually Wear?

Wanted: Heels that won't kill your feet.

Do you own a pair of heels so comfy you can wear them all day?

You know, heels you can take leisurely walks in?

Ones that don't blister your toes, your arch, or the back of your feet, no matter how much you walk?

Or ones that don't cause lower-back pain, even if you have to stand in the hour-long line to mail a package at the post office?

Do you have a pair of heels that you can wear out dancing until 4 a.m. or later and when you take them off, your feet feel just fine?

Even if they don't look ~as cute~ as some uncomfortable heels do — function matters more here.

Tell us what they are (share a link!), why you love them, and if you'd like, upload a photo of you wearing them via the DropBox below! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.