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What's The Smartest Organizing Trick You've Ever Tried?

Why does it work for you?

Do you have an organizing tip, trick, or rule that you swear by?

Maybe, in your kitchen, you file your produce away in magazine holders, so it doesn't take up too much counter (or pantry) space.

Or maybe you solved your plastic container woes with a long plastic bin and a shoebox.

Maybe you keep labeled "crap baskets" on your stairs, so when family members leave stuff around the house, it has a place to go.

Did you finally limit your plastic bag collection by keeping only what could be stuffed into an old Kleenex box?

Have you repurposed something mundane, like paper towel holders, for something more ~glamorous~, like accessory storage?

Did you have a genius idea that solved a persistent problem? Like adding pipe cleaners to make no-slip hangers?

Or something else entirely?

Share the clever way you store and organize things in your home — better yet, upload a photo of it to the drop box below — and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!