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What's The Best Or Most Useful Thing You've Bought For About $100?

What's actually worth the money?

What's the best or most useful product you've ever bought for around $100?

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And why was it actually worth an entire Franklin?

It could be a kitchen appliance you love, like the 6-quart Instant Pot that made cooking dinner for four each night SO much easier.

Seriously, if your answer was gonna be an Instant Pot anyway, please do tell us why you love it! It's $99.95 on Amazon.

(Also want to hear about your *other* great $100 kitchen finds!!)

Or a backlit mechanical keyboard that immensely improved your daily typing and gaming experience.

This one's on Amazon for $79.99.

Maybe it's a skincare product that gave you a dramatic before and after, and you think everyone needs to know about it.

Reviewers swear this lactic acid treatment's magic: they say it makes their skin look more toned and younger, and fades hyperpigmentation and scars. It's on Amazon for $105.

Or a pair of incredibly comfortable shoes, like Allbird's now-iconic wool runners, that you literally wear every single day and really, truly love.


We'd totally understand — they are our pick for best mid-priced casual sneakers on BuzzFeed Reviews. They're $95/pair from Allbirds, both Womens and Mens.

Or something else entirely that we didn't even mention here! Tell us about the best and/or most useful product you've bought for about $100 — plus all about *why* you think it's so great — and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post! /

Oh and if you can, please include a link!