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What Small Tricks Help You Cope With Your Anxiety?

Let us know what works for you, so we can spread the word.

When you have anxiety, even simple, everyday tasks can feel incredibly daunting, frightening, and downright impossible, sometimes completely out of the blue.

Like when you end up face-to-face with someone you barely know and that awkward silence sets in. And all you can think about is how you've completely blanked on what to say.

Or when you have a dozen things you kind of need to accomplish on a Saturday, but all you manage to do is click "next episode" on Netflix (and constantly think about all the things you're not doing).

When being an adult is more difficult than you ever expected it could be.

And when you feel yourself on the edge of a panic attack, and are barely able to keep your head above water.

If anxiety's been part of your life in big or small ways, you probably recognize at least some of those feelings. And you just might have figured out a few self-calming or self-care techniques that help turn down the intensity, at least some of the time.

And that's what we'd like to know: what are some of the small things you do to help quiet your anxiety?

Tell us about your tips, tricks, strategies, and techniques, and we might feature them in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.