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What Useful Products Are Actually Worth The Money?

We want to know!

What are the absolute best or most useful products you've ever spent your hard-earned money on?

Boomerang /

You can totally list more than one if you have 'em!

Maybe it's something small that transformed the way you ate your fries the moment you clipped it to your car vent.

3D Printed By Brian / Etsy

And was pretty darn cheap at just $5.60 from 3D Printed by Brian on Etsy.

Or something that fixed what you thought was an impossible problem, like a clothes shaver that rescued all your favorite pilled knits from your "donate/recycling" pile.

It's on Amazon for $16.98.

It could be a product you used just one time but it was *still* worth every dime, like this millipede that magically extracts built-up hairballs from slow-moving drains with very little effort.,

It's on Amazon for $5.28.

Or something you reach for over and over, like a plate squeegee that's saved you SO much water since you bought it six months ago.

That's on Amazon for $4.99.

Maybe it's an investment piece like a brand-name vacuum you agonized over, but once you got it you realized that it really does make life SO much simpler. Because — well, in this case — it's easy to grab, quickly gets the chore done, and stores out of sight.

Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

Yi, a writer here at BuzzFeed, loves this particular vacuum! Read her full Dyson V7 review.

It's on Amazon for $246.11.

Or something you impulse bought at 2 a.m., but now use pretty much every day, like this mini glasses spray + microfiber cloth set that actually fits in your pocket or purse.

On Amazon for $10.40.

It could be something for your kitchen, your hair, your office, your sinks, your "not-junk" drawer, your phone or computer, your makeup routine, your garage, your pets (and pet hair!) ...or so many other things! As long as it's useful and worth the money, we want to hear about it!

Like this pet hair brush with ~retractable bristles~ that make it SUPER easy to clean, no matter how much your pet sheds. It's $15.99 on Amazon.

Tell us about the most useful products you've ever bought (and what makes them so great, and maybe even a link to where you can get 'em), and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!

Boomerang /

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