28 Ways You Can Wear Your Cat On Your Wedding Day

Meow Do.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. These floral cat ears.

Could also pair well with the right veil. Get them here for £25.00.

2. These shiny dancing flats

Slash-walking-down-the-aisle flats. Buy them for $99.99 here.

3. Or these DIY cat-toe flats.

You could also do this to men’s shoes, because for some reason there aren’t many cat-toed men’s shoes out there. Learn how to make these here.

4. This designer cat ear veil.

There’s a white one for sale here for $730. But you might as well find your nearest Maison Michel.

5. This fiercely feline bowtie.

You can get your own for $25 here.

6. Or this still-catty but less-rainbow-y one.

Get it for $17 here.

7. This appliqué robe that will shine in all of your getting ready photos.


You can get your very own for $79.99 here.

8. This giant pashmina that will keep you warm after the sun goes down.

Or if the church AC is on full blast. It’s $29.99, here.

9. This glittery kitty garter.

Sarah Kobos / BuzzFeed

We made this one out of clay, paint, glitter, hot glue, and a basic garter similar to this one.

10. These delicate cat rings will look lovely next to your wedding band.

Or one could ~be~ your wedding band. They’re $32 each, here.

11. These glam designer kitty pumps.

They’re $830 here, if you want to go for it.

12. These grosgrain felines that would look dazzling wrapped around your bouquet.

Or tied in your hair. $1.95 per yard here.

13. These cat face tattoo tights that will subtly show your affection.

A cute alternative to a garter. They can be your secret! Buy a pair for $12 here.

14. This midi skirt that you could pair with a white blouse for a non-traditional dress.

Or for a fun reception outfit. Buy it for $9.99 here.

15. These cool kitty cufflinks.

Who says you have to take your wedding ceremony soooo seriously? Find them here for $95.

16. This handmade, Swarovski-inlaid maple comb.

Hair cats > hair flowers. It’s $16.50, here

17. These sweet stud earrings.

They come in gold or silver for $14, here.

18. This statement hair bow.

Again, hair cats ftw. Buy it for $38 here.

19. This dreamy silk charmeuse scarf.

It’s $96 here.

20. This subtle kitteh hair clip.

Aww. It’s $12, here.

21. These sweet temporary tattoos that the entire bridal party could wear.

CAT MATCH. $8.76 for a set of three, here.

22. Or these geometric ones.

$3.38 for a set of 2, here.

23. This ear-y straw bowler hat.

It’s $13.90, here.

24. This ~elegant~ belt buckle.

The kitteh wears pearls, so it’s appropriate for a formal ceremony. Get it for $25 here.

25. This dainty gold bracelet.

When you’re looking for something a bit more subtle. Get it for $15.79 here.

26. These sweet little nail stickers.

Cat manicures. So hot right now. Buy them for $4.90 here.

27. Go bigger than the biggest and have a custom dress made with cats on it.

The meowiest. From My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

28. Or, just bring along the real thing.

See some adorable ways to include your pet in your wedding over here.

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