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28 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Cleaner Than It's Ever Been

Sparkle and shine, no more grime!

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3. Face your grimy bathroom fan.

Do this up front, because if you do a deep clean like in this tutorial, it is probably going to get grime everywhere in your bathroom. If you're not feeling up to this full disassembly, you can also do a lighter clean with canned air.


5. Literally mop your walls and ceiling using the cleaner that's best for the surfaces in your bathroom.

If it's paint, an all-purpose cleaner works fine. Tile would benefit from a vinegar-water 1:1 dilution, or even just some Windex or tile cleaner. Read more about why this mop is great for ~wall mopping~ here.

6. Continue working top-down, and clean your light fixtures.

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How you do this is really going to depend on the type of fixture you have. But in general, you should at least dust them off, and if it's a flush mount light, wash the glass bowl in warm sudsy water (and let dry). Read more about cleaning your lights here.

7. Use a drain snake on your sink and tub drains to extract all of the hair.

Steel your stomach: It will not be pretty. But it's better for the environment than dumping chemicals down your drain. You can get this for $4.99 here.


9. But if you can't get rid of the mildew on the edges your tub, line them with bleach-soaked cotton coil and let it sit overnight.

Read my review of this technique here, and get the full tutorial here. Just make sure you don't mix the bleach with any other cleaners, because it can release toxic fumes if you do (the bleach bottle will have more info about that, if you're concerned).

10. When you clean the toilet, make sure to scrub all the way under the rim.

Even if your bottle of cleaner lets you squirt it under the rim, you should make sure that you actually scrub there, too. Get more toilet cleaning tips here.

11. Take off the toilet seat so you can clean all of the crevices on it and on your toilet.

Then use a disinfectant wipe and your flathead screwdriver to get between the tank and the seat. Get the tutorial here.


16. Shine your faucets by disinfecting, buffing with baby oil, and finishing with wax paper.

Yes, truly. Use a disinfectant wipe to kill all of the germies. Then, use a teensy bit of baby oil to get all of the gross grit off. (You buff it all off with a paper towel, so your faucet isn't greasy, don't worry). Then one last rub-down with wax paper helps prevent future water spots. Get the full tutorial here.

19. Or if you have granite counters in your bathroom, DIY a cleaner from alcohol, dish soap, and water.

And a few drops of essential oils for a nice smell, if you want. Here's how to make it. You don't want to use vinegar on your granite, because the acid could etch the stone (it doesn't really matter if your essential oil is acidic or not, if you're using just a drop or two. Plus, essential oils are generally not acidic anyway).


22. Better yet, remove the hardware from your cabinets and clean each piece individually.

This tutorial shows you how to clean copper hardware with salt and vinegar. But if your hardware isn't copper, or if you want to just scrub off grime, a toothbrush and some dish soap will work just fine.


26. Shine up your mirror using your cleaner of choice and a newspaper.

This tutorial shows you how to make a homemade cleaner from vinegar. But even if you use a store bought cleaner, skip the paper towel and wipe with a wadded up page of newspaper to stay away from any streaks.

28. Mop your floors after everything else is all clean.

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That way you don't get your floors dirty when you're in the process of cleaning everything else. And you can leave the bathroom so the floor can dry. Read our review of this mop (which you can get for $17.99) here.